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New tech gadgets gizmos hi tech I organized my kitchen pantry with these air-tight storage containers and can finally see everything in my cabinets


New tech gadgets gizmos hi tech I organized my kitchen pantry with these air-tight storage containers and can finally see everything in my cabinets

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Sally Kaplan I reorganized my kitchen pantry completely using these airtight containers by Zeppoli, which are a great value and less expensive than sets from competitors like OXO.My kitchen is now easier to navigate and cook in, and I…

New tech  gadgets  gizmos  hi tech  I organized my kitchen pantry with these air-tight storage containers and can finally see everything in my cabinets

New tech gadgets gizmos hi tech

When you buy through our links, we may make money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.

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Sally Kaplan.

  • I restructured my kitchen area pantry completely using these airtight containers by Zeppoli, which are a great worth and less costly than sets from competitors like OXO.
  • My kitchen area is now simpler to browse and cook in, and I lose a lot less now that I can see whatever on the racks.
  • Below, you can see the before and after images of my kitchen, and get a feel for how I approached reorganizing them.
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I cook almost every day. If I’m not cooking, I’m generally purchasing dinner and all at once preparation what I’ll be preparing the next day.

However for somebody who spends so much time in the kitchen area (and who keeps a thoroughly color-coded meal strategy document to track my food prep and cooking schedule), you ‘d believe my kitchen shelves would a minimum of be efficient.

Well, they’re not. Or a minimum of, they weren’t– till I began utilizing these airtight food storage containers made by Zeppoli.

After dealing with bottles of baking powder and sprinkles and half-used boxes of pasta falling on my face whenever I required to get something out of the cabinet, I understood it was time to get my life together. My house is very well-organized, so there was no reason my pantry should not be too.

I decided to do a complete kitchen reorganization, and though I hoped it would look quite enough for Pinterest, I actually just wished to ensure it was effective, accessible, and really easy to use.

The Zeppoli containers aren’t cheap however they’re less expensive than other brand names and work just as well

The containers I used in my kitchen aren’t particularly inexpensive at $95 for a set of15 They do not seem to be available any longer, however there is a smaller package at $30 for 5, which still exercises to each container being about $6.

I used 2 of the 15- piece sets to entirely restructure my cabinets, but the five-piece set may be better if you do not keep as many products in your kitchen. No matter which set you have the ability to find online, they’re still comparatively less pricey than other brand names like OXO, whose 10- piece set costs $100

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Company Insider/ Sally Kaplan.

I began with what I call the “routine pantry” racks, which consist of the dry active ingredients I utilize most to cook dinners.

My first step to restructuring was figuring out which items I wished to be able to reach most quickly (aka what I utilized the most, like pasta, beans, grains, and so on) because the top level of racks requires me to base on a step-stool to get to it.

I decanted practically all my grains, pasta (which was mainly half-used boxes of pasta!), and vegetables, and put all my partly used, small baggies of additional spices and seaweed into one container for safe-keeping. I kept a great deal of the products in their initial packing due to the fact that they stack nicely and didn’t require to be decanted. I even doubled up on types of active ingredients in some of the containers by putting them in plastic baggies initially– that method I didn’t need an entire container each for 2 various half-used bags of lentils.

A few of the containers were too tall for my shelves (which I had no persistence to rearrange), so I just chose to tip them on their sides and stack them that way. I didn’t label them due to the fact that I’m familiar enough with my components to be able to inform the difference easily, however you might definitely do that with a label maker or with some regular masking tape.

Before-and-after photos of another cooking area cabinet

new tech  gadgets  gizmos  hi tech  BeforeandAfterKitchen_BI Graphics1


Service Expert/ Sally Kaplan.

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In my other cabinet, which I call my “baking pantry,” I decanted all my flours, sugars, seeds, popcorn, and cereal grains. This is the part in the story where I understand I had six half-used containers of oatmeal– how did I let it come to this?!

Behind the first layer of boxes and containers on each rack in the picture on the left were a load of partly utilized active ingredients and bulk bags from Whole Foods shoved into corners. I found things from 2 years ago that I want I had not.

After I organized these cabinets and tossed out expired active ingredients, I found I had a lot of partially used baggies and packets of products like starches and yeast, so I kept one container where all the random little things might fit. I also left unopened boxes and bags on the top shelf so I could put them into containers when required.

new tech  gadgets  gizmos  hi tech  unnamed

Service Expert/ Sally Kaplan.

The last action to my reorganization process was getting the top of the fridge sorted.

I had previously kept some mix of cereal, mixing bowls, mixers, hand mixers, waffle makers, etc. up there, however it was a disaster waiting to happen. And one time, it did– a glass blending bowl fell when I opened the freezer and shattered all over.

I discovered area for all my gizmos in the cabinets under my counter, and I moved all the cereal I had simply bought or discovered in my kitchen into the larger containers I likewise put a few of my regularly used baking products up there, too, since the larger container didn’t fit well into my baking kitchen. I created a designated area for blending bowls, and now I no longer stress about getting a concussion when I open the freezer.

I know it may seem like a superfluous cost, however these containers have actually made an effect on my life.

I invest less time fretting about where things are, rearranging components to look for something in the back of the cabinet, or shoving things back in after they have actually fallen out. I have the ability to conserve cash by not letting components go to lose or expire in the back of the kitchen, and overall, I just feel calmer while navigating my cooking area space.

It’s also made cooking and meal preparing a lot more fluid and less frustrating because I can easily see whatever. I know precisely what I have in my pantry, and I build meals around those components first to avoid buying extras.

If you’re aiming to restructure your kitchen, I definitely suggest these economical containers.

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