If You’re Going To Use A GoPro, Don’t Be As Stupid About It As These People

The hottest piece of technology these days for people who love making videos is clearly the GoPro camera. This tiny device shoots in full HD and can take quite a beating. Just throw “GoPro videos” into the search bar on YouTube and you’ll come up with thousands and thousands of hits.

Those who have GoPros seem to love putting their cameras in harm’s way to get the shot of a lifetime. This often involves getting way to close to animals. Usually, everything turns out fine and they get some great footage. Other times? Well, I’ll let the following videos prove my point.

1. This is why you double check that your camera is secure before flying with it.

2. Foxes have some pretty terrifying chompers.

3. This octopus is a little too smart for its own good.

4. Eagles do not like drones.

5. Well, this will give you a new perspective on dogs…literally.

6. Watch out for those pesky wolverines.

7. It seemed like a good idea at the time, I guess.

8. Squirrels are small, but they can cause some big problems.

(via Reddit)

Well, I hope that’s a lesson to anyone with a GoPro. Never underestimate the curiosity of animals when these things are involved.

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If You Find Any Of These 23 Horrors In Your Basement, It Might Be Time To Move

When I was a kid, I was more than a little frightened of my basement.

Every time I went down there, I’d turn on as many lights as I could so there would be no dark corners. When I left, I’d book it as fast as I could, afraid that my feet would be pulled out from under me before I could reach the top of the stairs.

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Now that I’m an adult, I’ve definitely grown out of that fear for the most part. But when I come across creepy pictures like these, they quickly send me right back into my old basement nightmares.

1. This looks like it came straight out of “The Ring.”

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2. If a doorway to Hell exists, this is it.

3. I don’t know what’s creepier, their eyes or the doorknob placement.

4. Nothing to see here, just a headless mannequin convention.

5. I guess I’m never sleeping again.

6. Whatever you do, don’t pull that sheet off.

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7. James Brown has never looked more terrifying.

8. This disturbing scene was found in a restaurant basement.

9. This is so cute. NOT.

10. Whoever put that there is a big jerk.

11. Why these freaky things exist is completely beyond me.

12. This poor creature resides in the basement of a museum.

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13. Okay, what is it with all of these mannequins?

14. The previous owners of this lovely house were drug dealers.

15. This photo of medical students posing with cadavers came out of someone’s basement.

16. Now I can carry out that Voodoo ritual I’ve been wanting to try!

17. I don’t think it would be a good idea to plug that in.

18. This is disturbingly lifelike.

19. What would make someone want to hang this strange thing up?

20. This is what happens when spiders are taken over by fungus.

21. Those two objects are actual bones.

22. I’m just glad I’m not the person who discovered this.

23. Time to move before your head joins the collection.

Okay, so maybe being afraid of the basement isn’t as ridiculous as I previously thought. There sure are some nightmare-inducing things down there.

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This Seemed Like A Good Idea…Until They Realized The Trash Can Had A False Bottom

Have you ever had an idea that, at the time, seemed great and hilarious, but in reality was actually terrible and the worst thing ever? Of course, you didn’t know that until it was too late. Yeah, I think we can all relate to that…

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While I won’t share my own embarrassing story, I will present you with this video of three kids in Switzerland who thought it would be funny to sit inside a trash can.

However, what they didn’t know is that once the lid closes, the bottom of the can opens up to dump the garbage into a container.

As you can imagine, chaos ensued once they learned of this fact…

Well, you live and you learn. I very much doubt that kid will be trying a stunt like that again anytime soon. Thankfully, he escaped relatively unscathed.

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18 Times Tumblr Completely Screwed With Our Minds

If you’ve ever used Tumblr, you probably know that it’s a mind-bending chasm full of thoughts that you never wanted to have. (It’s also home to some seriously disturbing fan fiction, but that’s beside the point.)

It’s essentially a one-stop shop for statements that will make you question your place in the world…and make you wonder why people have so much free time. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of the best posts that call the Internet home.

1. Tumblr can’t even let us have birds.

2. I mean…they’re not wrong.

3. This nonsense is about to ruin your day!

4. Everything is awful!

5. There’s nothing quite like ruining the most universally enjoyed activity of all time.

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6. Immaturity, thou hast always reigned supreme.

7. Question everything, friends.

8. “Just making my death pouch. Nothing to see here.”

9. How is this language even a thing?

10. Never has a yam caused so much unrest.

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11. For those craft-related disasters.

12. Walk into your next meeting, ask your coworkers one of these questions, and say nothing for the rest of the day.

13. We’re all commitment-phobes.

14. I want to kiss this person right on the face.

15. Life sucks and then you die!

16. I feel this in my bones.

17. Et tu, contractions?

18. If you need me, I’ll be pretending that the Internet doesn’t exist.

(via BuzzFeed)

So there you have it, folks. Just in case you didn’t already think that life was the worst, now you know. Thanks, Tumblr! You’re always looking out.

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Worst Lawyer In The World Fakes Photos With Celebs In Publicity Attempt.

It’s not difficult to bump into a celebrity in Los Angeles, California. It’s the home of so many actors, musicians and otherwise famous faces that you can take a vacation there and see at least one of them while strolling along the streets.

But that’s not exactly the case for this L.A.-based lawyer. Svitlana Sangary apparently got tired of waiting around for a celebrity to need her services, or y’know just hang out, so she used Photoshop to at least make it seem like she had an A-list clientele. 

Images of Sangary with over 50 celebrities have been published on her official website. They’re all very small and feature varying levels of Photoshop skill.

L.A. courts have requested she remove the doctored photos and recommend a six-month suspension and three years of probation for the deceptive advertising.

Acting as her own counsel throughout the proceedings, she has yet to actually show up to court.

Instead she submitted written rebuttals to the charges, including an email from President Obama requesting a $3 donation to his campaign as proof of their acquaintance. Her writing also includes lengthy essays about Wikipedia, lemonade, her apparently blind mother in the Ukraine and the film Black Swan.

(H/T: Elite Daily.)

Unsurprisingly, the court was not convinced by her defense. She now has 30 days to appeal their ruling before her case it brought to the California Supreme Court. 

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These Bizarre Laws And Facts About Laws Are So Weird. Is This Real Life?

Laws are supposed to be put into place to protect us, but with some of them–especially those listed below–it seems like the main goal is to leave us scratching our heads. After you read this, you’ll continuously wonder if you’re breaking some obscure old law that doesn’t seem to make sense anymore.

It’s not just laws that are strange though, even the most normal and understandable one can have a back story that makes it seem as strange as a law that forbids chickens from crossing the road, which exists. Seriously. Check these weird laws and facts about laws out!  

(via Full Punch)

I sure hope being confused isn’t illegal… because I’d be a felon right about now. These laws are so strange, how are they still on the books? Help your friends stay out of jail by sharing these weird laws with them. Click on the Share button below!

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18 Strange And True Facts About Pregnancy That Will Totally Weird You Out.

As any mom can tell you, the miracle of birth isn’t an easy journey. Morning sickness and labor pains aside, there’s a lot going on to bring those little lives to the world… And some of it is down right disturbing.

For nine months (or longer!) women basically become superheroes for what they endure. Sure, it’s worth it when you see those adorable healthy faces staring back at you for the first time. But that doesn’t make any of these things less bizarre.

1.) Three times as many women, about 1 in 3, will give birth through Cesarian than was reported 10 years ago.

2.) In the second half of pregnancy, your baby will urinate about a liter per day. And then they drink it.

3.) Over the course of the pregnancy, the uterus stretches from the size of a peach to roughly the size of a medium watermelon. That’s about 500 times its normal size.

4.) When nearing the end of pregnancy, a woman’s placenta produces more estrogen in one day than a non-pregnant woman will produce in three years.

5.) Extra fluid and water retention can cause pregnant women’s feet to grow up to one full shoe size.

6.) It is totally possible to be pregnant for an entire year. The longest pregnancy on record was reportedly 375 days long.

7.) Chances of a multiple birth increase with tall or overweight mothers.

8.) Pregnant women really do experience a heightened sense of smell, which is basically the body’s way of steering them away from food that would be bad for the baby.

9.) It’s common for women to experience change in skin tone during pregnancy. It happens about 90% of the time.

10.) The baby’s fingerprints are formed within the first three months of pregnancy.

11.) Newborns are getting heavier and heavier. Recently, a woman gave birth to an infant weighing 15 lbs and 7 oz.

12.) Blood flow increases during pregnancy, so occasional nosebleeds and bloody gums are common.

13.) Studies have shown that babies can taste what the mother is eating. Strong flavors like garlic are especially able to pass through the amniotic fluid.

14.) Over the past two decades, more baby boys were born in America than girls. However, women still outnumber men in population.

15.) The only scientifically proven method for inducing labor is nipple stimulation, known as “the comfort technique.”

16.) The old wives’ tale that pregnant women with heartburn are more likely to birth babies with full heads of hair? Totally true.

17.) Babies cry in the womb. Not because they’re upset, more as practice for their big day.

18.) Pregnant women and new mothers can lactate at the sound of a baby crying, even if it’s not their baby.

(via We Got Kidz.)

All that, and then you have to change their diapers for years without a thank you. I think I need to give my mom a hug.

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