Ingraham: Will GOP homer or strikeout on Obama’s amnesty ‘slow pitch’!/princessjill7/status/508285409646755842

The White House has said that President Obama will delay taking any executive action on immigration until after the November elections.

Laura Ingraham wonders how the Republicans will play it:!/IngrahamAngle/status/508284927067316224

Will the Republicans take advantage of Obama saying he’s going to delay an action the White House obviously believes will be politically unpopular in order to avoid further harming Democrat chances in November? Opinions vary:!/znmstr/status/508286562782941184!/drgon466/status/508285484913532928!/EdMcLaughlin45/status/508286162717663232!/CalMur2/status/508285260975439872

Considering Obama’s throwing “skill,” will the “pitch” even be hittable?

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Heh: Great strategy, champ! We can get on board with THIS Obama strategy!/mickeymyman/status/503716307054108672

For serious. One of the most shameful events was the appalling fist-bumping pivot to golfo after Obama’s statement on ISIS and the barbaric execution of journalist James Foley. The White House? Whatever guys. No apologies.!/Ezra_Pownd/status/503714896178331650!/JayCaruso/status/503715046326030336


But here’s an excellent point:!/redsteeze/status/503714938545004545

Yep. We can get on board. Great strategy, champ! Keep being unapologetic, shameless and shameful. It’s totally working for you.


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