Rob Lowe, Mark Knoller suffering ‘Anchorman 2′ promo fatigue!/RobLowe/status/412703392041938947

Good one! The makers of “Anchorman 2″ have made sure that Will Farrell’s character, Ron Burgundy, has been seen everywhere possible, to the extent that Farrell co-anchored a real newscast at a North Dakota station to promote the film.

Lowe is not alone in feeling the media saturation. CBS News’ Mark Knoller is suffering promotional fatigue as well.!/PAPARAZZINC/status/412725206990327808!/McBride/status/412726281399439360!/NKingofDC/status/412725627968835584

Some wiseguy had to say it.!/SconsetCapital/status/412703544144171008


Boy, are we sorry we missed this:!/RubinReport/status/412724837220503554

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‘Nails it’! Rob Lowe shatters Obama’s lame ‘wrong side of history’ remark about Russia!/wkhjr918/status/440593567799468032

Talk about an understatement.

As Twitchy reported, Barack Obama apparently thinks he can persuade Vladimir Putin to leave Ukraine alone by declaring that Russia’s “on the wrong side of history.” Count Rob Lowe among those thoroughly unimpressed by President Peacemaker’s finger-wagging:!/RobLowe/status/440593179041992705

Oh, snap!!/SalenaZitoTrib/status/440593389483196417

Lowe understands that Putin isn’t suddenly going to grow a conscience. Putin won’t be guilted into changing his mind — or threatened into it, as Sen. Feinstein pointed out today:!/ChadPergram/status/440591328926502912

Even Dianne Feinstein knows Obama’s brand of diplomacy is getting nowhere. So what’s it gonna take for the president to wake up and smell reality?



‘Like Putin cares’: President Cliché warns Russia not to be on ‘wrong side of history’

Twitchy coverage of Rob Lowe

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Rob Lowe calls out Pharrell for NFL #LipSyncFail

Flag on the play! Actor Rob Lowe was less than impressed when Packers-Seahawks pre-show entertainer Pharrell Williams suffered a #LipSyncFail during his performance, holding his mic to the crowd while somehow continuing to sing.

That’s true. But it’s still fun to ridicule.

Quite a few tweeters would have been “happy” to have skipped the performance entirely.


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Stacey Dash, Rob Lowe, Nick Searcy, and more honor Wounded Warriors [pics]

Amen! Today, the Gary Sinise Foundation held its Hollywood Salutes Heroes event, and Stacey Dash couldn’t be prouder to be part of it:

Dash was joined by other celebs grateful for our Wounded Warriors’ service and sacrifice:

Inspirational, indeed!

Love it! It’s so wonderful to see celebrities shining the spotlight on our amazing military.



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