This Guy Rescued A Few Raccoons. Now They’ve Taken Over His Garage And His Life.

Wootfatigue earns a living working on antique cars and shooting odd photography jobs. When he’s not at work he scours the internet to find the answers to some of life’s toughest questions, such as “will pee damage tires?” Now, while that might seem like an outright stupid question, when a gaze of raccoons takes up residence in your garage, anything is possible.

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That’s right folks, this is what happens when you give a raccoon a cookie.

If you give a raccoon a cookie, he’ll ask you for one more…

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And before long, there’s two more standing at your door.

If you give a raccoon a cookie, even just a bite…

These tiny, furry critters, will never leave your sight.

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If you give a raccoon a cookie, he’ll ask you for a drink.

And before long he’ll start doing some pretty questionable things.

If you give a raccoon a cookie, he’ll think he’s human too.

And he’ll eat up all your scrumptious human food.

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When a man runs out of cookies, he’ll settle for some nuts.

“It’s shopping time. More cookies please! No ifs, ands, or buts.”

All kidding aside, Wootfatigue has grown to love these raccoons as though they were his own children. Let’s just say his cookies bring all the raccoons to the yard.

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This Car Dealership Is A Nightmare…Imagine Trying To Clean The Lot Afterward

What’s your worst nightmare? For me, my second biggest fear is a huge cloud of swirling insects wreaking havoc on my puny existence (and in case you’re wondering, my ultimate nightmare is deep water…any deep water). Usually, my nightmares have a habit of not actually coming true, despite the fact that I worry about them so much. However, I just discovered that my creepy runner up just reared its head in the Canadian town of Atholville.

I present to you exhibit A. This is a GM Pontiac dealership that is being absolutely SWARMED by an army of bugs. No word on exactly which kind of bugs, but at this point, does it really matter?

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This is a preview of how the world will end, and I’m not here for it.

Here’s one of the buggers up close. It doesn’t look too menacing on its own, I suppose.

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This is the aftermath of the swarm. Imagine being the new guy who gets tasked with cleaning up the lot?

Here’s a little video. It looks like humanity has won this round, but the next one? That remains to be seen.

(via Reddit)

Damn nature, why do you have to be so terrifying all the time? Why can’t you just be beautiful and wondrous?

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21 Animals Who Are Absolutely No Help On Laundry Day

Aw man, you JUST cleaned those!

1. “This basket is perfectly tailored to my size, therefore I must lie in it.”

2. “I made a separate pile, just for me!”

3. “Yeah, I come here about once a week. Great place to pick up chicks. Or nap.”

4. “There’s a veritable path of laundry destruction in my wake, and I couldn’t be happier about it!”

5. “Loving this new scent you’re using! What is this, Mountain Fresh??”


7. “Don’t forget to take me!”

8. “You keep putting things in here, so I keep having to take them back out. Stop that!”

9. “Are you trying to tell me these clothes weren’t put here explicitly for me to nap on? Weird, because they definitely seem like they were.”

10. “Maybe hitting all the buttons wasn’t a good thing for me to do?”

11. “What do you mean you already put it away?? Fresh laundry is my favorite toy!”

12. “You know what they say: the family who wrinkles together…”

13. “…stinkles together. We’ve been farting non-stop onto your clean clothes all day.”


15. “Cool! I found a basket of free clothes! This is my lucky day!”


17. “But I’m sitting so politely, there’s no way you could be mad at me.”

18. “If laundry has taught me anything, it’s that ~balance is key~.”

19. “Finders keepers, folders weepers!”

20. “Soon there won’t be any warm laundry to sit with and that kinda bums me out.”

21. “Welcome to my laundry lair. It’s a pretty chill sitch.”

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