The Remains Of A Weird Creature Washed Up In Mexico, And No One Knows What It Is

What looks like a bizarre-looking monster just washed up on the shores of Acapulco, Mexico, and nobody really knows what to make of it. Is it a fully digested squid? A sentient pile of mucus? A toddler’s finger painting come to life?

Whatever it is, police are having a hard time figuring out what to do with the creepy mass. All they know is that they have to keep beachgoers far, far away from it.

This blob looks like it formed after all of the gunk in every Manhattan sewer fused together to form a creature that longed for its own death. Should we even put it back into the ocean?

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If You Find Any Of These 23 Horrors In Your Basement, It Might Be Time To Move

When I was a kid, I was more than a little frightened of my basement.

Every time I went down there, I’d turn on as many lights as I could so there would be no dark corners. When I left, I’d book it as fast as I could, afraid that my feet would be pulled out from under me before I could reach the top of the stairs.

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Now that I’m an adult, I’ve definitely grown out of that fear for the most part. But when I come across creepy pictures like these, they quickly send me right back into my old basement nightmares.

1. This looks like it came straight out of “The Ring.”

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2. If a doorway to Hell exists, this is it.

3. I don’t know what’s creepier, their eyes or the doorknob placement.

4. Nothing to see here, just a headless mannequin convention.

5. I guess I’m never sleeping again.

6. Whatever you do, don’t pull that sheet off.

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7. James Brown has never looked more terrifying.

8. This disturbing scene was found in a restaurant basement.

9. This is so cute. NOT.

10. Whoever put that there is a big jerk.

11. Why these freaky things exist is completely beyond me.

12. This poor creature resides in the basement of a museum.

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13. Okay, what is it with all of these mannequins?

14. The previous owners of this lovely house were drug dealers.

15. This photo of medical students posing with cadavers came out of someone’s basement.

16. Now I can carry out that Voodoo ritual I’ve been wanting to try!

17. I don’t think it would be a good idea to plug that in.

18. This is disturbingly lifelike.

19. What would make someone want to hang this strange thing up?

20. This is what happens when spiders are taken over by fungus.

21. Those two objects are actual bones.

22. I’m just glad I’m not the person who discovered this.

23. Time to move before your head joins the collection.

Okay, so maybe being afraid of the basement isn’t as ridiculous as I previously thought. There sure are some nightmare-inducing things down there.

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Fishing Is More Of An Extreme Sport Than You Ever Thought It Was…

Fishing is considered by most to be a relaxing activity. When you’re out on the water, you’re communing with nature in a way that’s almost meditative. But not all fishing is like this. Trout fishing might be slow and boring, but hunting for bigger fish like marlin…well, that’s basically an extreme sport. At the very least it can lead to some extreme sports-like injuries.

Just check out the video below if you don’t believe me.

WARNING: This video is seriously NSFW.

I assume that since they uploaded the video that the injured guy made it to the hospital in time to save his leg. Still, though, that is a nasty injury. Which is why I’ll stick to playing video games as my main hobby and not fishing…

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Cooking In North Korea Is Dangerous Business…Never Use Gasoline To Make Dinner

North Korea is known for a lot of things, like human rights abuses, totalitarianism, and prison camps to name a few. But one thing North Korea certainly isn’t known for is its cooking. That is until a Japanese tourist managed to smuggle back some photographs and a recipe for a very North Korean-style clam bake.

A few years ago, Japanese travel writer Kuzo paid a visit to North Korea and had the chance to try a local delicacy: gasoline baked clams.

Yep, you read that right. To cook clams, they place them in a gravel pit, douse them with gasoline, and light them up.

Over the course of the next five minutes, two regular-sized water bottles of gasoline are dumped on the clams to keep the flames burning. Once the flames die out, dinner’s ready!

Traditionally, this is a summer dish in North Korea as it must be done outdoors for obvious reasons.

According to Kuzo, the clams were extremely tasty. They were actually some of the best he’d ever eaten, if you can believe that.

Of course, there is always the risk that you’ll get a bad clam. To combat this, North Koreans traditionally drink soju, a distilled rice liquor, with their meals.

If baby clams are found on North Korean dinner plates, it’s seen as a sign of good luck!

(via Rocket News)

As someone who’s allergic to shellfish, I’ll never experience the delight of eating clams, much less clams that are cooked with gasoline, but they still do look pretty good. If I’m ever in North Korea, I might have to risk it and give these a go.

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Cops Knew He Was Hiding Stolen Goods In His Home, But They Weren’t Ready For This

Calgary police recently executed eight search warrants for places around the city that they believed were filled with stolen goods — and all of the properties belonged to the same person. Officers weren’t sure what they’d find, but they knew that they’d probably encounter something bizarre.

When they finally busted in, they were floored by what they saw. It was a treasure trove of stolen goods unlike anything the policemen had ever seen before. The estimated value of the goods rang in at a whopping $1.5 million, but that wasn’t the weirdest part.

Cops were most stunned by the thief’s level of organization.

Each storage locker was filled with something different. In this location, the perp stored electronics.

Another room was designated for tires.

This area was full of designer handbags.

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The type-A criminal could’ve hooked the entire neighborhood up with snowblowers if he wanted to.

For some reason, there were also dozens of Legrand dimmers and light accessories.

Need a tan? Here you go!

If you have a pale friend, they can get in on it, too.

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The place looked more like a department store than anything else.

“It’s just insurmountable,” Inspector Nancy Farmer told the Calgary Herald when asked to describe the amount of goods seized. “The list is endless.”

Cataloging all of this must have been so terrible.

A 28-year-old man named Cody William Scott is now in custody, and police plan on making several more arrests. Based on everything they found, they determined that there’s no way Scott could’ve done this on his own. This was a criminal operation.

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The Green Tree Frog Might Look Small, But It’s Decidedly Badass

The Australian green tree frog is one of the most common frog species in their homeland. For humans, they make great pets and can be an ideal form of pest control if they live near your home. But while they might look harmless, that changes if you’re…say, an innocent snake or giant spider just trying to get on with your life.

Then, these frogs turn into deadly, effective predators…

Green tree frogs are most easily identified by their bright green coloring. For anyone who’s familiar with the frog in their native Australia, they’re equal parts pest and pest controller.

Getty Images

They can be found in urban areas, forests and woodlands, and wetlands. Out in the suburbs, they have a nasty habit of making a home for themselves near shower blocks and water tanks.

Getty Images

For example, Redditor ElfBingley had a problem flushing their toilet about a year ago. When they went to check the tank, they found these buggers inside. Talk about an infestation.

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Still though, just because they’re frogs doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally put on a display of unusual badassery. Take this tree frog…he’s going toe to toe with a rather large snake.

Not only do tree frogs hunt snakes, they’ve also been known to occasionally take up residence outside of caves and catch bats to eat. Yikes!


Aside from snakes and bats, tree frog diets also include mice and giant spiders.


(via Australian Museum)

When it all comes down to it, personally, I’d much rather have a frog infestation than a snake problem on my property.

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While Driving, They Spotted Something Insane Hanging From The Power Lines

While driving through the Vale of Tempe in Greece, a group of men spotted something truly unexpected dangling from the power lines. No, it wasn’t a pair shoes, or even a balloon — it was a live goat.

Apparently the poor guy was reaching for some olives when his horns got tangled in the power cables (which were thankfully not live). One Good Samaritan called for help and workers from the town water and sewage company worked together to get the unlucky goat out of this “gruff” situation.

As you can see, by the end of the video, the goat is understandably a little shaken up, but then he happily prances away. I’m sure he built up quite a hunger while he was hanging out. He may have even scoped out some choice olives from that vantage point!

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You Might Feel Bad For These Strange-Looking Chimps, But Watch The Chaos They Cause

Alopecia is a disease that affects humans and animals, and it causes the immune system to attack hair follicles. In severe cases, alopecia sufferers can lose all of their hair. Take these chimps, for example.

It’s easy to feel bad for them, but let’s just say that they’re not defenseless. Watch what this patron at the Twycross Zoo in Atherstone, England, caught on film.

(via Mirror)

Zookeepers at the facility assured visitors that these acts of aggression were part of a process called “displaying.” These intense rituals are more about securing higher positions in the social hierarchy than they are about harming other chimpanzees.

That being said, let this be a lesson to everyone reading — never mess with a chimp. They’re huge, strong, and sometimes menacing. No matter what they suffer from, weakness is not in their nature.

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6 Mysterious Plane Crashes That Baffle People To This Day

In 1903, the human race did the unthinkable and learned to fly. While aviation is a huge industry today, we often forget that every time we take off, we’re essentially tempting fate.

It’s highly unlikely that any of us will ever die in a plane crash, but accidents do happen. Here are some of the most mysterious plane crashes in history.

Star Dust

During a flight from Buenos Aires to Santiago back in 1947, a British South American Airways plane called Star Dust disappeared over the Andes mountains. For more than 50 years, we didn’t know what happened to the plane. In 2000, however, pieces of the wreckage were found on a glacier. Many speculated that it had been abducted by aliens before that discovery. Still, no one seems to know the meaning of the last morse code message that the pilot sent out: “STENDEC.”

Amelia Earhart

We know that she and her navigator, Noonan, took off from Lae on July 2, 1937. We know that she was having trouble with her radio near the Nukumanu Islands and that she never arrived to her destination on Howland Island. Other than that, we don’t really have any idea what happened to Amelia Earhart or her plane, although there are many theories. Some think that her plane merely ran out of fuel, and others believe that she may have been captured by the Japanese. There’s even a theory that she survived the flight and secretly moved to New Jersey after assuming a new identity.

Pan Am Flight 7

No one has ever determined what caused the crash of Pan Am Flight 7. On November 8, 1957, the plane departed from San Francisco on its way to Honolulu, but along the way, it somehow crashed. Pieces of the wreckage could be seen in the ocean. All researchers know is that corpses recovered from the scene contained high levels of carbon monoxide.

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EgyptAir Flight 990

While flying from Los Angeles to Cairo in 1999, EgyptAir Flight 990 crashed into the Atlantic 60 miles outside of Nantucket Island, killing all 217 aboard. The FBI was asked to join the investigation when evidence suggested that the plane was taken down intentionally.

Egyptian officials didn’t like that idea, so they launched their own investigation. That’s why there are two conflicting stories. The Egyptians insisted that it was a mechanical issue, while the Americans were sure that Gameel Al-Batouti crashed the plane on purpose. Al-Batouti was recorded saying “I rely on God” 11 times before the plane hit the water.

Helios Airways Flight 522

As Helios Airways Flight 522 was in its holding pattern, two F-16 fighter jets came to intercept it. But as they passed the cabin, they realized that the captain wasn’t in his chair and that all the passengers were dead. Apparently, the plane ran out of oxygen, which killed everyone on board. The plane then crashed into a mountain.

B-47 Stratojet

This plane’s 1956 disappearance was especially disturbing because it carried two nuclear reactor cores. It disappeared while descending toward its refueling station near the Mediterranean Sea. It went into a cloud and was never seen again.

On one hand, I know that the chances of being involved in a plane crash are pretty slim. On the other, stories like these make me never want to fly again. What goes up must come down, and sadly, the outcome isn’t always pretty.

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This 1868 Discovery On The Banks Of The Mississippi Still Mystifies People

Thanks to modern science, we have a pretty good understanding of the history of Earth. However, there is a subset of conspiracy theorists that believe giant humanoids once lived here too. While the evidence to support this theory is pretty lacking, there are a couple of glaring exceptions. Take this one particular story that made headlines back in 1868 — a ginormous skeleton was found along the banks of the Mississippi in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.

The discovery of the giant bones was made by a group of workers with the Sauk Rapids Water Power Company.

At the time, the workers were quarrying for rock to build a new dam nearby when they found the bones. The burial site they found the bones in is estimated to have been 12 feet long, four feet wide, and three feet deep. The actual grave itself was found about two feet below the surface of the river.

News of the workers’ discovery spread quickly. The following headline ran in the newspaper the next day.

The skeleton measured just over ten feet tall. Those who took the measurements estimated that the giant must have weighed at least 900 pounds.

However, within days of their discovery, the massive bones were gone.


There are a number of conflicting reports from the time about just how the bones disappeared, or if there really were any bones to begin with.

One story says that a gentleman traveling back east took the bones with him to Boston, but the remains never resurfaced.


So was it all a hoax, or were there real giant bones found in Sauk Rapids?

(via Amazing Universe)

More than 150 years later, the residents of Sauk Rapids still occasionally discuss the mystery of the giant skeleton. Many now think it was actually a hoax, but there are still some true believers out there…

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