Rep. Pallone staffer politicizes Suicide Awareness tweet from Michelle Malkin!/RepRepublic/status/509740288353382401

Twitchy founder and syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin helped promote Suicide Awareness Day:!/michellemalkin/status/509722947062628353

Sean Dugan, communications director for New Jersey Democrat Rep. Frank Pallone, decided to get his jackass on:!/SeanDugan/status/509723555857440768

Petty and cheap, especially given the subject matter? You bet.!/michellemalkin/status/509726781168177152

Dugan’s response?!/SeanDugan/status/509729204188237824

Translation: “No, YOU are.”!/RepRepublic/status/509739537182887936

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Michelle Malkin and friends coach Jan Schakowsky through ramen crisis [photos]!/watchdog_jedi/status/492414418538758144

As Twitchy reported, Rep. Jan Schakowsky is roughing it in order to learn how to #LiveTheWage. Among the items on her menu for the week were ramen noodles. The horror. The horror!

Not surprisingly, Schakowsky’s culinary woes didn’t garner much sympathy from many Americans, who routinely pepper their diets with stuff like ramen. But Michelle Malkin is nothing if not a giver, and after offering a peek at her own oh-so-paltry pantry:!/michellemalkin/status/492406150462070784

She asked followers to share their ramen recipes with the disillusioned Dem:!/michellemalkin/status/492409993707008000

Malkin received plenty of worthy submissions:!/ashtenthinks/status/492407286418006016!/marcely034/status/492410598555009024!/johnnyfriegas/status/492416727800483840!/ProudoftheUSA/status/492421862953992193!/MikeWerk/status/492426023645220864!/Walter_Lucas872/status/492412156202057729

Creativity is key, Jan.!/Tomhf1466/status/492405844340789248

You can do it!

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