Mia Farrow: Rick Perry indictment ‘looks like politics not felony’


When you’ve lost Mia Farrow…


She deleted the tweet. Maybe she’s having second thoughts.


Liberal writer Jonathan Chait: Indictment of Rick Perry isn’t just weak, ‘it’s outrageously unfair’

Even David Axelrod thinks Rick Perry indictment is ‘pretty sketchy’

Former Anthony Weiner intern: Most people think the charges against Rick Perry are BS

Liberal journalist Timothy Noah says Rick Perry indictment ‘looks pretty thin’


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Mia Farrow: Dick Cheney is ‘throwing shade’ when he ‘should be in prison’

Is “better” a synonym for “more ridiculous”?

Hey, Mia, if you want to get the former VP sent to prison, Code Pink can hook you up with an awesome protest costume.


‘Makes me want to puke’: Code Pink disrupts Cheney family lunch event


Full Twitchy coverage of actress Mia Farrow

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‘Nite all’: What caused Mia Farrow to bid the #GoldenGlobes an early adieu?

Woody Allen won the Cecile B. DeMille award during the #GoldenGlobes, and at the same time Mia Farrow reached for the remote control:

Surprise was hard to come by.

Timing is everything.


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Actor BD Wong wonders if a red carpet rampage would win him a Nobel Prize

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