‘Your move, Grandma’: Let’s see Hillary top this ‘hilarious’ Marco Rubio video

Remember this moment from last year? Marco Rubio does:

A lot of people would have trouble recovering from something like that. But not Rubio.

With some help from the Independent Journal, Rubio’s not only bouncedback, but he’s bounced back with a vengeance:

Here’s the thing: Regardless of your political persuasion or opinion of Marco Rubio, it’s damn nearimpossible to not think this ispretty glorious.

And the icing on the cake? Videos like this only make Hillary’s efforts look even more pathetic.

She doesn’t stand a chance.

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Trump cancels rally in Miami on Monday; Heads to Ohio instead

Is Donald Trump confident that he’ll win Florida and its 99 delegates on Tuesday? Maybe so.

He’s cancelled his big rally in Miami on Monday in favor of one in Youngstown, Ohio instead:

He’ll have his victory party at Doral, if he wins that is:

Trump will still be inTampa on Monday.

Polls have Trump way up in Florida and challenging in Ohio:

FWIW, a protest was scheduled for Monday in Miami with almost 1000 people signed up on the group’s Facebook page but it’s not clear if this had an bearing on Trump’s decisions (Our thought? Probably not):

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