These Man-Made Substances Are 100% Real. Yes, Really.

Every year, brilliant people invent some pretty amazing things… but most people don’t think about it. In fact, there are many times that we’re not even aware of new inventions. It can be easy to forget what we humans are capable of–especially with all of the idiots who seem to surround you during your morning commute.

If you want to feel good about what our minds are capable of accomplishing, take a look at the list of amazing man-made substances below.  

1.) Aluminum Bubble Wrap

These packing bubbles are actually able to absorb energy. Which is good for shopping online and horrible for popping.

2.) BacillaFilla

This genetically-modified microbe has been created to fix the cracks in sidewalks and roadways on its own.

3.) Titanium Foam

This can not only replace bone, but encourage new bone to grow around it.

4.) One-Way Bulletproof Glass

Let’s hope the good guys are the ones behind the bullet proof side.

5.) Artificial Spider Silk

Finally, super-strong silk that’s just as soft. Your move, spiders.

6.) Pykrete

Mold-able, bullet-resistant wood that is capable of floating. Awesome.

7.) Molecular Superglue

This allows us to create teeny-tiny, but remarkably strong bonds between molecules.

8.) DMSO

This chemical solvent, which was originally a byproduct of wood pulping, has done wonders for the medical world, reducing inflammation and helping fight fungal infections.

9.) Carbon Nanotubes

Six times lighter than steel and potentially hundreds of times stronger, these nanotubes have the potential to change the way we build things.

10.) Graphene Aerogel

Not only is this the world’s lightest material, it is also strong and elastic.

(via Listverse, Gizmodo)

Before we become too satisfied with ourselves, we need to remember that there’s still so much we have left to accomplish…but these are some pretty amazing starts.

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