When His Bride Walked Down The Aisle, He Did Something That Had Me Drowning In Tears

Weddings have long been touted as the bride’s special day. In many ways, this is true — she’s doted on by her bridesmaids and all eyes are on her as she walks down the aisle….

But when Gabriel Deku saw his bride coming down the aisle at London’s St Martin-in-the-Fields, he simply couldn’t look at her longer than a few seconds.

Even when she stood right next to him, the man was so overcome with emotion that his best man had to tell him that this was really happening — he was marrying this incredible woman.

This is probably one of the sweetest things you’ll ever see.

Guys, I’m not crying…YOU’RE crying.

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A Pop-Up Cuddle Cafe Is Coming To London

Snuggle up.

1. On Tuesday 10th Feb, The UK’s first cuddle café will open.

2. Located in central London, it’s basically a regular café, with tea and biscuits.

3. Except there’s a twist! Punters pay in cuddles.

4. The café is being run by McVities, whose latest ad includes the cuddliest puppies known to man.

5. Visitors will have “a chance to have a cuppa, a cuddle and get snuggly”, McVities explain in a press release.

The Cuddle Café opens from Tuesday 10th (8pm — 10pm) and 11th of February (11am — 8pm) at 52 Tottenham Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 5RN.

  1. Are you keen to pay in cuddles for a cup of tea?

    1. No thank you, I will just buy my own tea.
    2. Yes, because free tea and biscuits.

A Pop-Up Cuddle Cafe Is Coming To London


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