6 Years Ago, He Was Paralyzed. Now? He Can Play Guitar…This Is Amazing!

Ian Burkhart was just a teenager when he lost all movement in his hands and legs.

He dove into a wave in shallow water, and what was just supposed to be a fun outing with friends turned into a disaster. Damaging his spinal cord, he was paralyzed from the chest down with limited control over his arms. Burkhart, now 24, thought that he’d never be able to move his fingers again. He was, by most accounts, a quadriplegic.

But that all changed recently…

Scientists developed a chip that was inserted into his brain, allowing him to move his right hand.

“The first time moving my hand — that was really just like that flicker of hope,” Burkhart commented.

The implant traces signals in the brain that are then sent to a computer to be decoded. Once the signals are decoded, the computer stimulates the correct muscles through a sleeve on the arm, thus allowing movement.

All of this happens in less than a tenth of a second.

The Ohio State University researchers believe this is a huge medical breakthrough and the most significant of its kind since 2012, when a woman was able to control a robotic arm with her thoughts. Now people are able to control their own limbs!

Here’s more information on how the ground-breaking system works.

(via BBC)

Needless to say, Burkhart is excited about being able to move his hand with this technology. Scientists are overjoyed as well — this step forward could lead to something even bigger. If they keep developing this technology, we could potentially rid society of paralysis!

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Cops Knew He Was Hiding Stolen Goods In His Home, But They Weren’t Ready For This

Calgary police recently executed eight search warrants for places around the city that they believed were filled with stolen goods — and all of the properties belonged to the same person. Officers weren’t sure what they’d find, but they knew that they’d probably encounter something bizarre.

When they finally busted in, they were floored by what they saw. It was a treasure trove of stolen goods unlike anything the policemen had ever seen before. The estimated value of the goods rang in at a whopping $1.5 million, but that wasn’t the weirdest part.

Cops were most stunned by the thief’s level of organization.

Each storage locker was filled with something different. In this location, the perp stored electronics.

Another room was designated for tires.

This area was full of designer handbags.

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The type-A criminal could’ve hooked the entire neighborhood up with snowblowers if he wanted to.

For some reason, there were also dozens of Legrand dimmers and light accessories.

Need a tan? Here you go!

If you have a pale friend, they can get in on it, too.

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The place looked more like a department store than anything else.

“It’s just insurmountable,” Inspector Nancy Farmer told the Calgary Herald when asked to describe the amount of goods seized. “The list is endless.”

Cataloging all of this must have been so terrible.

A 28-year-old man named Cody William Scott is now in custody, and police plan on making several more arrests. Based on everything they found, they determined that there’s no way Scott could’ve done this on his own. This was a criminal operation.

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Prepare To Fall In Love With This Baby Seal And Her Full Head Of Hair

While most baby seals are born with some sort of fur, few have a full head of hair like this little lady.

Born just under a month ago, the ringed seal pup lives at Kamogawa Sea World with her mom. Since her February birthdate, she’s taken Japan by storm. People from all over are flocking to see the seal while she still has her fur — it typically falls out after about two months.

(via Today)

It doesn’t get much cuter than that, folks. Seal pups with furry ‘fros are adorable beyond belief, and even after they lose the hair, they’re still pretty rad.

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Little Girl’s Gratitude For A Small Gift Reminds Us Of What Really Matters

I love both getting and receiving presents, so Christmas is the perfect time of year.

I love the look on a friend or family member’s face when I’ve gotten them the perfect gift, but there’s also a special joy that comes along with opening a package on Christmas morning. It’s important to remember in all our shopping excitement, however, that the whole idea of getting presents is about gratitude. One family trying to instill this value in their young daughter gave her one present early. Her reaction proves that kids sometimes have a better grasp on what matters than we do.

It’s something so small, but she reacts as though it were the biggest and most expensive toy.

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Later on, her parents even found her reading out loud to her new paper clip. So cute!

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This Dog Is Living His Best Life When He Gets A Doggie Massage

I have a love-hate thing with massages. One the one hand, they’re so relaxing, but on the other, I know that I may very well fall into a deep depression afterwards because I know it’ll be too long until the next one.

Not everyone deals with this inner turmoil when they get a good rubdown, but for me, the struggle is real.

Toto, for instance, hasn’t a care in the world when he gets his doggie massage. In fact, he looks so relaxed I really want to know his secret…

Just look at how happy this cutie is!

I think Toto should become best friends with this pup. I’m sure they’d hit it off…after they got done napping.

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In Honor Of National Grandparents Day, Here Are 20 Awesome Grandmas And Grandpas

You know who are hands down the greatest people on Earth? Grandparents.

It’s not up for debate. With mothers and fathers stealing the spotlight and getting their very own holidays, isn’t it only fair that we also honor the grandmas and grandpas who spoil us rotten?

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National Grandparents Day happens to fall on September 11 this year, so there’s still plenty of time to prepare and show your elders just how much they mean to you. Even though all my grandparents are no longer with us, I’ve decided to compile a list of grandparents who are so cool, they remind me of my own. Hopefully, this inspires you to pick up the phone and call Grammy and Pop next week (or today)!

1. This photo so accurately describes my dad’s parents. Even in the same room, they often managed to lose each other.

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2. This grandmother is proof that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams.

3. #GrandmaSwag

4. I’m so glad I inherited my awesome sense of humor from my grandparents. I’m sure their grandkids did, too.

5. Grandma doesn’t put up with haters!

6. This grandpa doesn’t live by the rules.

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7. Since my grandfather was a carpenter, I could totally see him building me an awesome rollercoaster like this in my yard.

8. Any grandparent who tries to stay relevant for their grandchildren is a winner in my book.

9. This grandma takes being a cat lady to a whole new dimension.

10. I have yet to meet a grandmother who isn’t a straight-up boss.

11. Get your full life to this dancing granny!

12. I would always receive birthday cards from my grandparents with funny notes inside. This one might be the best, though.

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13. There’s just something about grandparents and their solitaire.

14. You’re never too old for Snapchat.

15. My grandpa actually did this to me once. I wasn’t a fan a the time, but I sure appreciate it now.

16. My grandfather loved hunting, but I’m a little surprised he never took any awesome photos like this.

17. There’s nothing cuter than seeing two older people who are in it for the long haul.

18. If this awesome grandmother can run a marathon, then why can’t I?

19. This guy is so fit!

20. “The key to growing old,” my grandpa once told me, “is never taking life too seriously.”

I can’t wait until I have grandchildren of my own so I can be that cool grandpa they’ll always be proud of (even when I embarrass them).

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The Green Tree Frog Might Look Small, But It’s Decidedly Badass

The Australian green tree frog is one of the most common frog species in their homeland. For humans, they make great pets and can be an ideal form of pest control if they live near your home. But while they might look harmless, that changes if you’re…say, an innocent snake or giant spider just trying to get on with your life.

Then, these frogs turn into deadly, effective predators…

Green tree frogs are most easily identified by their bright green coloring. For anyone who’s familiar with the frog in their native Australia, they’re equal parts pest and pest controller.

Getty Images

They can be found in urban areas, forests and woodlands, and wetlands. Out in the suburbs, they have a nasty habit of making a home for themselves near shower blocks and water tanks.

Getty Images

For example, Redditor ElfBingley had a problem flushing their toilet about a year ago. When they went to check the tank, they found these buggers inside. Talk about an infestation.

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Still though, just because they’re frogs doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally put on a display of unusual badassery. Take this tree frog…he’s going toe to toe with a rather large snake.

Not only do tree frogs hunt snakes, they’ve also been known to occasionally take up residence outside of caves and catch bats to eat. Yikes!


Aside from snakes and bats, tree frog diets also include mice and giant spiders.


(via Australian Museum)

When it all comes down to it, personally, I’d much rather have a frog infestation than a snake problem on my property.

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While Driving, They Spotted Something Insane Hanging From The Power Lines

While driving through the Vale of Tempe in Greece, a group of men spotted something truly unexpected dangling from the power lines. No, it wasn’t a pair shoes, or even a balloon — it was a live goat.

Apparently the poor guy was reaching for some olives when his horns got tangled in the power cables (which were thankfully not live). One Good Samaritan called for help and workers from the town water and sewage company worked together to get the unlucky goat out of this “gruff” situation.

As you can see, by the end of the video, the goat is understandably a little shaken up, but then he happily prances away. I’m sure he built up quite a hunger while he was hanging out. He may have even scoped out some choice olives from that vantage point!

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Police Officers Escort A Mama Duck And Her Babies Safely Through A Busy City

Downtown traffic in Saskatoon, Canada, stood still for a few adorable minutes when a couple of kindhearted police officers escorted a mama duck and her babies toward the South Saskatchewan River.

Duck families are common sights at the start of spring, since ducklings hatch this time of year. Within 24 hours of hatching, mother ducks lead their little ones to water, which normally goes off without a hitch.

Unfortunately for these little fluff balls, their mother couldn’t avoid laying her eggs in a busy area. That’s where these officers came in!

We all need a helping hand sometimes, and these nice officers really went out of their way to extend theirs to an adorable little family. Good job, guys!

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You Might Feel Bad For These Strange-Looking Chimps, But Watch The Chaos They Cause

Alopecia is a disease that affects humans and animals, and it causes the immune system to attack hair follicles. In severe cases, alopecia sufferers can lose all of their hair. Take these chimps, for example.

It’s easy to feel bad for them, but let’s just say that they’re not defenseless. Watch what this patron at the Twycross Zoo in Atherstone, England, caught on film.

(via Mirror)

Zookeepers at the facility assured visitors that these acts of aggression were part of a process called “displaying.” These intense rituals are more about securing higher positions in the social hierarchy than they are about harming other chimpanzees.

That being said, let this be a lesson to everyone reading — never mess with a chimp. They’re huge, strong, and sometimes menacing. No matter what they suffer from, weakness is not in their nature.

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