6 Years Ago, He Was Paralyzed. Now? He Can Play Guitar…This Is Amazing!

Ian Burkhart was just a teenager when he lost all movement in his hands and legs.

He dove into a wave in shallow water, and what was just supposed to be a fun outing with friends turned into a disaster. Damaging his spinal cord, he was paralyzed from the chest down with limited control over his arms. Burkhart, now 24, thought that he’d never be able to move his fingers again. He was, by most accounts, a quadriplegic.

But that all changed recently…

Scientists developed a chip that was inserted into his brain, allowing him to move his right hand.

“The first time moving my hand — that was really just like that flicker of hope,” Burkhart commented.

The implant traces signals in the brain that are then sent to a computer to be decoded. Once the signals are decoded, the computer stimulates the correct muscles through a sleeve on the arm, thus allowing movement.

All of this happens in less than a tenth of a second.

The Ohio State University researchers believe this is a huge medical breakthrough and the most significant of its kind since 2012, when a woman was able to control a robotic arm with her thoughts. Now people are able to control their own limbs!

Here’s more information on how the ground-breaking system works.

(via BBC)

Needless to say, Burkhart is excited about being able to move his hand with this technology. Scientists are overjoyed as well — this step forward could lead to something even bigger. If they keep developing this technology, we could potentially rid society of paralysis!

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Prepare To Fall In Love With This Baby Seal And Her Full Head Of Hair

While most baby seals are born with some sort of fur, few have a full head of hair like this little lady.

Born just under a month ago, the ringed seal pup lives at Kamogawa Sea World with her mom. Since her February birthdate, she’s taken Japan by storm. People from all over are flocking to see the seal while she still has her fur — it typically falls out after about two months.

(via Today)

It doesn’t get much cuter than that, folks. Seal pups with furry ‘fros are adorable beyond belief, and even after they lose the hair, they’re still pretty rad.

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They Were Walking Through A Mall When They Saw This Teen Sitting At A Piano…

When you walk through a mall, it’s a pretty ho-hum experience. Sure, you might see some cool stores and places to get new shoes, but usually there isn’t much going on.

But when Sara Hadley was visiting her local mall, she heard something utterly amazing. A piano was set up as part of Lansing, Michigan’s Keys in the Cities program and a teen had sat down at it.

He soon amazed everyone within earshot.

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This is why they put a piano in the #lansingmall. Self taught!! #yiruma. Wow. Gave me goosebumps!!

Posted by Sara Hadley on Friday, January 22, 2016

(via Huffington Post)

As it turns out, Monntel West is an 18-year-old self-taught piano player. He was simply passing the time with some practicing while he waited for his friend to arrive.

It’s not every day that you see a teenager possess that amount of insane talent. And self-taught at that!

Since the video went viral, West has been contacted by tons of people with offers of free lessons — how great is that? They want to foster along his incredible talent.

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You Might Feel Bad For These Strange-Looking Chimps, But Watch The Chaos They Cause

Alopecia is a disease that affects humans and animals, and it causes the immune system to attack hair follicles. In severe cases, alopecia sufferers can lose all of their hair. Take these chimps, for example.

It’s easy to feel bad for them, but let’s just say that they’re not defenseless. Watch what this patron at the Twycross Zoo in Atherstone, England, caught on film.

(via Mirror)

Zookeepers at the facility assured visitors that these acts of aggression were part of a process called “displaying.” These intense rituals are more about securing higher positions in the social hierarchy than they are about harming other chimpanzees.

That being said, let this be a lesson to everyone reading — never mess with a chimp. They’re huge, strong, and sometimes menacing. No matter what they suffer from, weakness is not in their nature.

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There’s A Way To Instantly Turn Water Into Ice Whoa!

Transforming water into ice instantly sounds like something you’d only see in a superhero comic. It’s so absurd and unrealistic that it couldn’t possibly be a thing that we can do in real life, right?

Except…we can.

Using purified water, you can transform regular H2O into ice with just a flick of your fingers. Don’t believe us? You really need to see it to believe it.

This process is only possible with purified water. Non-filtered water is typically full of impurities which cause the crystallization process. Because purified water doesn’t have those particles, there’s nothing for the molecules to latch onto.

Purified water can be supercooled to -40°C before it freezes without help. Once it hits the open air or another piece of ice, it will start to freeze.

(via Design Taxi)

Get ready to feel like a superhero with this super-cooled water. Start freezing everything in sight! Well, maybe not…that could end badly.

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This Girl Probably Knows More About The Human Body Than You

Fact: children’s brains are more “plastic” than adults’ brains, which means they are capable of retaining more information.

Scientists know that “young children’s brains are more open to learning,” so it shouldn’t really be a surprise when we come across little geniuses like Brielle. And yet, we’re amazed nonetheless.

Watch as the now four-year-old demonstrates her intellectual prowess on The Ellen DeGeneres Show…let me tell you, she is quite impressive.

When Brielle first appeared on the show, she named every element on the periodic table!

Here she is explaining human anatomy to Ellen and the viewers.

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The knee bone's connected to the ankle bone. That's about all I got. The rest I'll leave up to Brielle. Also, check out Brielle’s geography lesson, here! http://ellen.tv/1PlJJ33

Posted by Ellen DeGeneres on Monday, February 22, 2016

Now Brielle has her own little video series for Ellen called “She’s Brielle-iant.” During the first episode, she discusses facts about countries!

I hope that Brielle continues to be a brainiac. We can all learn from her — she certainly has a lot to teach. Keep it up, champ!

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The Different Cuts Of Steak And What You NEED To Know About Them!

Red meat is a great form of protein that people all over the world enjoy. It’s juicy, flavorful, and versatile. Almost everyone (sorry, vegans and vegetarians) can enjoy a well-prepared cut.

But there are quite a few different types of steak and all cuts are not created equal. Each one has its own unique qualities and tastes, so here’s all the information you need to know regarding your choices of steak. When grilling season rolls around, you’ll be a pro!

This giant piece of meat features both a filet mignon and a strip steak, separated by a bone.

This is a very flavorful cut of meat. There is a tendon that runs down the center of this steak, so cut that out before cooking and you’ll have a juicy, flavorful meal.

This is a very chewy piece of meat, but it is still very delicious. It comes from a cow’s chest, hence the texture.

This is a tender cut from the shoulder of a cow. It’s also pretty low-cost.

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The strip steak is a classic piece of red meat. It’s very lean and has a firmer texture.

Flat and firm are the words that best describe this slice of meat. It’s easy to cut and positively delicious.

This looks very similar to a porterhouse, but it’s a smaller cut as it’s cut closer to the front of the cow.

This steak is extra juicy because of all of the fat in it. It’s very delicious if it’s cooked properly.

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Having the bone in this type of steak adds flavor to an already great cut of meat.

Flank steaks are long and oval-shaped. They can get pretty chewy if you don’t cut against the grain.

This cut of steak is very expensive, and with good reason. They are tender and flavorful, which makes this cut one of the more high-end pieces of red meat.

(via Weber)

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go try one of each. I need to know which cut of steak is the best! If you have any opinions on this or how to cook these steaks properly, sound off in the comments.

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Pregnancy Can Be Beautiful…And Amazingly Creepy

If there’s one dream that millions of people around the world share, it’s to grow up and start a family.

Those dreams come complete with white picket fences, sprawling backyards, and laughing kids running around when the weather finally gets warm. And that’s a beautiful thing. In fact, pregnancy itself is pretty spectacular.

But even in the presence of so much beauty, there are a few things about pregnancy that are…well…a little weird. After all, something as hardcore as creating another human life is bound to have its creepy charms.

1. The only scientifically proven way to induce labor without medication is nipple stimulation. It’s a practice known as “the comfort technique.”

2. Pregnant women who suffer from heartburn are more likely to give birth to babies with full heads of hair.

3. Babies develop fingerprints during the first trimester.

4. New mothers and pregnant women can lactate at the sound of babies crying (and they don’t need to be their own).

5. A baby girl is born with all of the eggs she’ll use in a lifetime.

6. Babies pee in the womb and then drink that pee. Yum.

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7. One out of every 2,000 babies is born with a tooth.

8. A full-term pregnant woman can produce more estrogen in a day than a non-pregnant woman can over the course of a few years.

9. A woman’s uterus can expand to over 500 times its normal size.

10. It’s not likely, but it’s possible for a woman to become pregnant through oral sex.

11. If you give birth to a son, you are more likely to develop an autoimmune disease.

12. In the womb, babies are known to cry.

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13. Babies can taste the foods that their mothers eat while they’re in the womb.

14. There are more twins born in Central Africa than anywhere else in the world.

15. The longest pregnancy ever lasted over a year! That poor woman.

16. During pregnancy, a woman’s heart and feet increase in size.

17. Blood volume increases when carrying a child, which leads to pregnant women getting frequent nosebleeds.

18. About 90 percent of women experience changes in skin tone during pregnancy.

19. Pregnant women experience a heightened sense of smell, which is supposed to protect them from eating foods that’d be bad for the baby.

20. Newborns, on average, are getting heavier and heavier every year.

21. After pregnancy, it is common for women to experience hair loss.

22. Pregnant women are more likely to break bones because heightened hormone levels affect bone density.

(via Mom.me)

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, but that doesn’t mean that the process isn’t a little wacky. Props to all the ladies out there who have endured the miracles of pregnancy and birth! You are tougher than the rest of us.

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This Is What Happens When You Light 6,000 Matches On Fire At Once

I can only imagine that when man discovered fire, he was just as amazed by it as I am of this video.

The powerful element is both awe-inspiring and terrifying all at once…that’s why this video of a 6,000 match chain reaction is so incredibly awesome and simultaneously disturbing.

Don’t get any ideas, kids. You should absolutely never try this unless you are a professional and have a safe space to do it. If you are one of those people, though, please make more videos like this because it’s totally rad.

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They Took Their 1-Year-Old Out In The Snow, And What She Did Is So Awesome

For many people, snow is an inconvenience. It messes up the roads and makes it almost impossible to get to work on time. And we all know that shoveling is horrible. It’s all just part of one big headache.

But for the people who enjoy snow, this is the only time of year when they get to do some of their favorite activities — like building snowmen, making igloos, having snowball fights, and snowboarding. This snow-loving family, for example, was so excited about the first big snowfall that they got their one-year-old daughter in on the action. Check out her awesome moves!

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14-month-old snowboarder takes to Utah's ski slopes

Sloan just learned how to walk, so it's only fitting that this 14-month-old is now a snowboarder in #Utah. #skiUtah PHOTOS that will melt your heart and full video: http://bit.ly/1nTBhhh

Posted by KUTV 2News on Friday, January 29, 2016

(via Mashable / Facebook)

This little girl can’t contain her excitement, and you can’t blame her! Those skills are pretty unbelievable.

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