These Diagrams Are Everything You Need To Decorate Your Home

Interior design cheat sheets FTW.


1. Types of Doors

From Northerm.

3. Kinds of Moulding

From DIY Advice.

4. Tile Patterns

From Centura.


7. Yardage for Stool Upholstery

From Knol.

8. Yardage for Sofa Upholstery

From Knol.

9. Yardage for Chair Upholstery

From Knol.

10. Seating Capacities for Dining Tables

From Cottage Home Furniture.

13. Common Furniture Sizes

From Decoratour.

14. Common Dimensions

From Decoratour.


15. Indoor Plant Guide

16. Mantel Decor Diagram

From Honey and Fitz.

17. Pillow Style Inspiration

From Matouk.

18. Bed Styling Diagram

See the full diagram at Matouk.

20. How to Hang Curtains

To make your ceilings look taller! From Home Goods.

21. Window Covering Styles

From HG Expo.


23. Gallery Wall Layout Ideas

Original in Polish.

24. Hanging Style Diagnostic

From The Art Mint.

26. Bedroom Rug Size Guide

From Burlap and Lace.

27. Dining Room Rug Size Guide

From Burlap and Lace.

28. Living Room Rug Size Guide

From Burlap and Lace.


30. House Paint Color Matching Guide

Better Homes and Gardens / Via

From Better Homes and Gardens.

31. Color Undertone Guide

From Live Love DIY.


33. Lampshade Types & How To Measure

From Shades of Light.

34. Lightswitch Styles

From Modern Switch.

35. Types of Lightbulbs

See the full explanation of which ones to use where at Lightopedia.

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There Are Fewer Women CEOs Than Ones Named John

A new chart from the New York Times illustrates the glass ceiling.

An economist at the New York Times has created what he calls The Glass Ceiling Index, inspired by a recent report showing only 16% of board directors of S&P 1500 companies (which makes up 90% of all U.S. stock value) are women.

“[This] means that Jims, Bobs, Jacks and Bills — combined — outnumber the total number of women, including every women’s name, from Abby to Zara,” NYT economist Justin Wolfers wrote.

The chart demonstrates that among America’s top companies, for each female executive, there are four male executives named John, Robert, William, or James.

Twentieth Century Fox

Wolfers also uses the chart to demonstrate the impermeability of the glass ceiling in political offices.

The U.S. has had four presidents named William, five named John, and six named James. And guess which are the most common names of women presidents? Oh right, none.

Compustat, Ernst & Young, Roll Call, Center for American Women and Politics, economics department webpages / Via

There is a clear partisan divide of Senate Republicans vs. Democrats, with Democrats currently showing much more gender diversity.

The amount of Senate Republicans named John is equal to the total number of women, while in the House there are 1.36 “Jims-Bobs-Jacks-Bills” for every woman.

On the Democratic side however, women outnumber “Jims-Bobs-Jacks-Bills” by a pretty large margin in both the Senate and House.

This continues into the executive branch, where President Obama has appointed only one John (Kerry) and one Robert (McDonald), who are outnumbered by six women.

The only John on the Supreme Court (Justice John Roberts) is outnumbered by three women. So according to the Glass Ceiling Index, they’re doing okay right now.

The Glass Ceiling Index “points to an important truth,” Wolfers concludes, “that in many important decision-making areas of American life, women remain vastly outnumbered.”

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