When His Bride Walked Down The Aisle, He Did Something That Had Me Drowning In Tears

Weddings have long been touted as the bride’s special day. In many ways, this is true — she’s doted on by her bridesmaids and all eyes are on her as she walks down the aisle….

But when Gabriel Deku saw his bride coming down the aisle at London’s St Martin-in-the-Fields, he simply couldn’t look at her longer than a few seconds.

Even when she stood right next to him, the man was so overcome with emotion that his best man had to tell him that this was really happening — he was marrying this incredible woman.

This is probably one of the sweetest things you’ll ever see.

Guys, I’m not crying…YOU’RE crying.

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This Dog And Tiny Baby Make The Cutest Music Together — This Is Too Funny!

I learned how to play the piano when I was little, but I never had such a devoted sidekick to sing along with my tunes.

Occasionally, I was graced by a violin, but the sweet sounds that are created when these two cuties come together is unmatched.

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As the little girl in the video below hits the keys on her trusty piano, her beautiful boxer seems to want to add his own input to the song. Just watch — you’re bound to instantly fall in love.

What a beautiful moment between these two best friends.

I bet it won’t be long until they are taking center stage at some big concert hall!

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This Adorable Boxer Seems Like Your Average Pup, But He’s Actually An Inspiration

Duncan Lou Who, a precious boxer who’s full of life, was born with his hind legs fused together in an X-shape.

Despite his potentially crippling condition, this energetic pup wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of his own happiness. While most people would quickly pass on the opportunity to adopt a pup with a physical deformity, the loving caregivers at Panda Paws Rescue have embraced Duncan’s differences and in doing so, the nugget is proving to be an inspiration to people and animals everywhere.

At first glance, you might not notice that Duncan is missing his rear legs.

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But once the energetic dog is ready to go about his day, his condition becomes more noticeable.

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Cute Little Dog Rescued By The Side Of A Dirty Road Turns From Fearful To Happy

When you meet Minnie the dog, a few words immediately come to mind: gentle, affectionate, cuddly, friendly, and playful. But that wasn’t always the case. When she was found by the side of a dirty road, “scared” was the best adjective to describe her.

When animal rescue organization Howl Of A Dog came across Minnie, she was quite hesitant to trust anyone. Luckily, it didn’t take too long for them to gain her trust and get her the help she needed from a vet. What they discovered at the animal hospital, though, crushed my heart…but don’t worry, there’s a happy ending!

What an adorable little sweetheart. That tail wagging is the richest reward in the world.

To adopt Minnie, please contact Howl Of A Dog. You can also help by giving them a donation here.

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What A Starbucks Barista Did For Her Regular Customer Went Far Beyond Kindness

Like anyone with a disability, Ibby Piracha dreams of being treated like a normal person. But because he’s deaf, he’s faced with hardship each and every day. Most people don’t bother to learn sign language unless someone they know is deaf, which makes life tough for people with hearing impairments.

When Ibby walked into his local Starbucks recently, he was met with a moving surprise. The barista who serves him each morning handed him a slip of paper and started doing something amazing.

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Oh, I gotta love this place. Starbucks woman cashier, she wrote it to me and she knew I am deaf. I am surprised she…

Posted by Ibby Piracha on Friday, February 19, 2016

Instead of reading the order off of his phone like she usually does, she decided to communicate with him in sign language. She learned a few basic words and phrases to make her customer’s life a little bit easier, and to make him feel like he belonged. We could all learn something from her kindness and compassion.

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This Baby Goat Was Stolen, Now Watch The Adorable Reunion With His Worried Mom

Staff at the Great American Petting Zoo were heartbroken when a three-week-old baby pygmy goat named GusGus was stolen from his pen, but not nearly as heartbroken as GusGus’ worried mother, who didn’t sleep at all while her little one was missing.

Much to everyone’s relief, the cutie was found the day after in a ditch by the side of a road. Apparently having been dumped there by some heartless person.

This is the joyful reunion when GusGus was returned to his distressed mother.

Well, that certainly made my day a whole lot better. I just love when stories have a happy ending.

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See This Beggar? You’re Never Going To Forget What He Does… And You Shouldn’t.

This old man can show you what it’s like to be a hero. He doesn’t have much, but he possesses compassion that is more valuable than any pile of gold. When you see what the 99 year-old does every day, you’ll realize that superheroes are real. They just aren’t who you think they are.

He could have used the money he collected to change his own life. He didn’t have to spend his days on the streets, but he does, just so he can give all of his money to children without families. Thank you Dobri, for everything you’ve done. Via 9gag Others need to see what he does for children. Please share this article.

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What This Dying Father Did For His Little Girl Is Simply Beyond Words. It’s Unforgettably Beautiful.

Jim Zetz knew that he didn’t have long on this earth. He was a father that was fighting a losing battle against Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. So, he wanted to do something special for the beloved wife and daughter he was going to leave behind. It all started with a photo series by photographer Lindsey Villatoro. She took pictures of Jim and Grace during one of her “forever loved” photo sessions. After meeting the couple, she was moved. She said they were “the most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.” Since Jim’s future was so uncertain, Lindsey wanted to help the family make a memory they could cherish forever. The resulting moment is so touching, you might need to grab a few tissues when you see it.

Grace told the photographer that their 11 year-old, Josie, was sad her father would miss so many things in her life.

With Lindsey’s help, the Zetz family organized a special moment for Josie and her daddy.

It was on Josie’s 11th birthday.

Since Jim wouldn’t be around to see her real wedding, they threw a wedding for the little girl he COULD attend.

Jim walked Josie down the aisle…

Slipped a ring on her finger and they were pronounced “daddy and daughter.”

No matter what happens with Jim, this is a moment that he and his daughter will have forever.

They won’t forget it, and neither will anyone there that day.

“I met Josie [the day of the wedding],” the photographer said. “She was a little bit overwhelmed when her mom picked her up from school and told her. She just needed a moment. Later, she said, ‘This is the best day of my life.’ She was very glad and excited to have these moments.” To see more of Lindsey’s work, visit her online portfolio. Source: Love Song Photography via Daily Mail It’s tragic that sickness tears loving families apart. This reminds us to embrace and appreciate those we love while we can. Please share this wonderful moment the Zetz family experienced with others.

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What These People Did Is Incredible On So Many Levels. When You See It From Above… Just Wow.

To commemorate the arrival of Allied forces on the beaches of Normandy so many years ago, two English artists created a touching sand sculpture memorial. D-Day occurred on June 6th, 1944. When the troops landed on those beaches, it marked the beginning of the end for the Nazis. It was an important day in history, but lives were lost on each side. Artists Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss, along with many volunteers, worked to sketch figures into the sand. They were tracing outlines of soldiers, all in memory of those who fell on D-Day.

60 volunteers along with over 500 local residents helped created this temporary tribute.

They etched bodies into the sand.

Everyone worked hard, even though they knew it’d only last a few hours.

Its titled The Fallen 9000.

It is meant as a reminder of the civillians, Germans and Allied forces who died during the D-Day beach landings.

(H/T Colossal) Its good to remember our family members who fought so bravely to defend us. Even if you don’t know of anyone who fought in the second World War, it is still good to honor those soldiers who did fight. Share this article – help honor their memory.

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This Man’s Daily Act Of Kindness To Cats In Syria Is Truly Incredible.

Under the Syrian regime of President Bashar Al-Assad and the brutal attacks by his supporters, residents of a neighborhood in Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, have abandoned their homes for safer ground. Among what is probably many important things they were forced to leave behind, many cats now roam the town without anyone to look after them.

Except for one man who wouldn’t allow them to go forgotten. 

His name is Alaa and he spends his days feeding roughly 150 cats in the abandoned town.

Hosam Katan / Reuters

As an ambulance driver, the meat only costs him around $4 a day.

Hosam Katan / Reuters

He’s being doing it every day for two months.

Hosam Katan / Reuters

Their lives depend on this one man’s act of kindness.

Hosam Katan / Reuters

They roam the area waiting for his daily arrival.

Hosam Katan / Reuters

Of course, sometimes things can get heated between the hungry cats.

Hosam Katan / Reuters

But there’s always enough to go around.

Hosam Katan / Reuters

And he’ll continue to make sure that they don’t starve.

Hosam Katan / Reuters

(via BuzzFeed.)

What a truly inspiring story of selfless kindness. I’m sure his four legged friends are eternally grateful.

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