‘Better buy a cage’! Alleged deserter Bowe Bergdahl reportedly gets to go off base



Welp, suppose it’s kind of fitting that an alleged deserter gets to wander off … for dessert:


From CNN:

Members of his reintegration team escort him whenever he leaves base and interacts with the public, the Army spokeswoman said. His stops have included a library, a supermarket and several stores of his choosing.

Bergdahl has also eaten at fast-food and sit-down restaurants. The Army sergeant is encouraged to pick the places, but because he’s not from San Antonio, he is offered some advice.

Gee, that’s nice. You know, guided reintegration actually sounds like a pretty sweet deal, especially when you consider what Bergdahl may be guilty of.


It’s convenient, too. Really puts his talents to use.




Twitchy coverage of Bowe Bergdahl

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Hearts? Melted: Dana Perino shares story of GWB’s kindness to a Marine


The sweet, thoughtful letter Alabama kicker Cade Foster received from George W. Bush says so much about the 43rd president. Dana Perino, who served as W’s press secretary, was touched by the letter and shared this story:


A class act with a big heart. Always. Is it dusty in here?




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‘He didn’t come': Looks like Michael Moore’s a mite miffed at Obama [pics]

Michael Moore isupset about what’s happened in Flint, Michigan, and he hoped desperately that the Lightbringer would stop by to make everything a little better:

Alas, Moore was in for disappointment:


Some tweeters were right there with him:

Others … not so much:

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CNN asks if Bush or Clinton is the better shoe dodger; Best answer revealed

Yesterday, during a speech in Las Vegas, a woman was arrested after throwing a shoe at Hillary Clinton. During a press conference in Baghdad in 2008, George W. Bush dodged two shoes that were thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist.

CNN asked which person was the superior shoe dodger:

If the voting ends in a tie, will CNN recommend a “dodge-off” competition between Bush and Clinton?

Some didn’t any news-worthiness in the question:

For most of those who answered the question, Bush was the better shoe dodger:

But one suggestion for the “best dodge” winner wasn’t Bush or Clinton, but rather…

Ding! We have a winner!



Hillary Clinton dodges more than a shoe in series of Photoshops

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