In Honor Of National Grandparents Day, Here Are 20 Awesome Grandmas And Grandpas

You know who are hands down the greatest people on Earth? Grandparents.

It’s not up for debate. With mothers and fathers stealing the spotlight and getting their very own holidays, isn’t it only fair that we also honor the grandmas and grandpas who spoil us rotten?

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National Grandparents Day happens to fall on September 11 this year, so there’s still plenty of time to prepare and show your elders just how much they mean to you. Even though all my grandparents are no longer with us, I’ve decided to compile a list of grandparents who are so cool, they remind me of my own. Hopefully, this inspires you to pick up the phone and call Grammy and Pop next week (or today)!

1. This photo so accurately describes my dad’s parents. Even in the same room, they often managed to lose each other.

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2. This grandmother is proof that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams.

3. #GrandmaSwag

4. I’m so glad I inherited my awesome sense of humor from my grandparents. I’m sure their grandkids did, too.

5. Grandma doesn’t put up with haters!

6. This grandpa doesn’t live by the rules.

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7. Since my grandfather was a carpenter, I could totally see him building me an awesome rollercoaster like this in my yard.

8. Any grandparent who tries to stay relevant for their grandchildren is a winner in my book.

9. This grandma takes being a cat lady to a whole new dimension.

10. I have yet to meet a grandmother who isn’t a straight-up boss.

11. Get your full life to this dancing granny!

12. I would always receive birthday cards from my grandparents with funny notes inside. This one might be the best, though.

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13. There’s just something about grandparents and their solitaire.

14. You’re never too old for Snapchat.

15. My grandpa actually did this to me once. I wasn’t a fan a the time, but I sure appreciate it now.

16. My grandfather loved hunting, but I’m a little surprised he never took any awesome photos like this.

17. There’s nothing cuter than seeing two older people who are in it for the long haul.

18. If this awesome grandmother can run a marathon, then why can’t I?

19. This guy is so fit!

20. “The key to growing old,” my grandpa once told me, “is never taking life too seriously.”

I can’t wait until I have grandchildren of my own so I can be that cool grandpa they’ll always be proud of (even when I embarrass them).

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Police Officers Escort A Mama Duck And Her Babies Safely Through A Busy City

Downtown traffic in Saskatoon, Canada, stood still for a few adorable minutes when a couple of kindhearted police officers escorted a mama duck and her babies toward the South Saskatchewan River.

Duck families are common sights at the start of spring, since ducklings hatch this time of year. Within 24 hours of hatching, mother ducks lead their little ones to water, which normally goes off without a hitch.

Unfortunately for these little fluff balls, their mother couldn’t avoid laying her eggs in a busy area. That’s where these officers came in!

We all need a helping hand sometimes, and these nice officers really went out of their way to extend theirs to an adorable little family. Good job, guys!

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Drew Carey helps family of victimized autistic teen!/jmuzik1111/status/509845916942340096

Twitchy reported how comedian and The Price is Right host Drew Carey stepped up to help an autistic boy who was cruelly abused by a group of teens. ‘One of the good guys’: Drew Carey pledges $10K to find teens who abused autistic boy

The money Drew offered wasn’t needed to find the perpetrators but he is working with the boy’s family to direct the money to an appropriate charity.!/DrewFromTV/status/509838752886579200!/FlapMyTWSwift/status/509839795489878017!/RUNEXT/status/509839884790796289!/JoeSmentkowski/status/509842145868787712


Drew probably earned quite a few true fans for life this week.

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He Sent A Photo Of The Sunset In Japan To His Parents. What He Got 20 Minutes Later Is Beautiful.

Living abroad can be a tough situation to handle. Not only are you in a strange, new place, but you’re a world away from your loved ones. This son living in Japan decided to connect with his parents in the United States one night. He sent them a message, but he never expected what they sent back to him just minutes later.

From Japan, he sent this picture of the sunset to his parents…

And 20 minutes later, they sent him a picture of the sunrise from Florida.

No matter how far apart you are from the ones you love, remember that they are still living under the same sun as you. In fact, they may be looking at the very same sunset as you are, just from a different side. It’s profound when you realize that even though this world is a big place, you’re never that far from friends. This Telecom commercial summarizes it perfectly.

Source: Reddit If this touched you, please share it with others.

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Bored Of Going To The Dentist? Here’s How To Pull A Tooth Out With A Rocket.

When Bradley Harris found out his son had a loose tooth, he came up with a way to help him pull it out. It’s not like it’s rocket science after all. At least, it usually isn’t. Harris set up a mini Cape Canaveral in his backyard and with the push of a button, his son’s tooth was on its way to boldly go where no tooth has gone before. Check it out!

Okay, so the tooth didn’t make it to space–something I’m sure the younger Harris is quite happy about. That Tooth Fairy money is a major part of a little kid’s income. Share this post using the button below.

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He Got Her A Puppy, But What The Dog Was Hiding Made Her Break Down

Listen up, people. If you want to propose to your favorite human before the bar is set any higher than it is right now, you’d better act quickly. When this young man decided to pop the question, he did something that would make just about anyone melt.

Universe, meet Ava. Not only does she have the cutest name ever, but she also just became part of an adorable love story.

Ava went to a beautiful wooded area to surprise her new dad’s favorite lady.

When Mom turned the corner, she absolutely lost it!

The shepherd’s precious face immediately made her melt, but she had no idea that this was just the beginning.

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She was thrilled with the surprise, but her boyfriend had something else in store.

After a few minutes, she realized that someone was standing by with a camera.

That’s when he asked her to check out what was attached to Ava’s collar.

When she finally figured it out, she was speechless.

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She absolutely lost it when she realized that her boyfriend was reaching for an engagement ring!

With the precious puppy waiting patiently by his side, he dropped to one knee and asked his favorite lady if she’d spend the rest of her life with him!

Fortunately for this wonderful trio, she said yes!

It doesn’t get better than that, folks.

Isn’t this a great family photo?

Well, every other engagement story under the sun just became a little less cute. I’m sure everyone else understands. Congrats to the happy couple and their adorable new fur baby!

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Other Parents Were Outraged By This Boy’s Halloween Costume, But It’s So Awesome

Halloween is all about creativity (and candy, of course). The opportunity to flex your kids’ creative muscles is the most fun of all.

Liam, a nine-year-old boy from Fort Meyers, Florida, takes full advantage of the whimsical holiday by designing his own unique costumes each year. A fan of theater and the arts, he doesn’t skimp on the details when it comes to creating new personas when Halloween rolls around. This year, he decided to pay tribute to one of Disney’s creepiest, coolest villains: Cruella de Vil.

This transformation is nothing short of incredible!

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Talk about skill, am I right?

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Liam’s dads helped him create the killer look and explained to the Gaily Grind that their son is more excited by “the creative process and the eccentricity of the outfit” than he is about dressing up as a woman. However, even if the latter were true, they would still support his amazing spirit!

As was sadly expected, not everyone was as impressed. Instead of politely minding her own business, one person decided to comment on Liam’s photo to express how “inappropriate” she felt it was for his parents to “do that to their child” — as if they forced him into the outfit. Luckily, Liam’s dad politely shut down the woman’s ignorance. It’s clear that this family is all about love and acceptance.

Come on. You can’t deny how awesome this is!

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He definitely has a future in the arts ahead of him.

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Honestly, the haters are probably just mad that they can’t rock a red lip like Liam can.

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What Happened At This Couple’s Wedding Is Unbelievable. Just Keep Looking In The Background…

Most people plan weddings and hope the event goes off without a hitch. More often than not, there will be a handful of hiccups… but usually those hiccups aren’t large-scale, dangerous wildfires. When Michael and April Wolber were about to get married at Rock Springs Ranch in Oregon, a group of firetrucks pulled up. The Two Bulls wildfire was close to their location and headed straight for them.

Instead of letting the bad news ruin their wedding day, the couple just zipped through their vows.

As firefighters carefully watched over the event, the group sped up the wedding.

It was still a beautiful ceremony.

Even if there was a hint of danger.

Josh Newton, their photographer, made sure to take pictures of both the ceremony and the fire in the background.

After they said “I do,” the newly married couple and their guests rushed off to a safer location.

Now, the wildfires are still burning on more then 6,800 acres.

Luckily, the Wolbers were still able to have an outdoor ceremony they’ll never forget.

This couple’s romance will be on fire for a long, long time.

(H/T BuzzFeed) Their photographer captured some truly stunning photos from the wedding. Most people dread rain on their wedding day, but April and Michael were able to take a massive wildfire in stride. Now that’s the sign of a marriage that’ll last!

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What This Dying Father Did For His Little Girl Is Simply Beyond Words. It’s Unforgettably Beautiful.

Jim Zetz knew that he didn’t have long on this earth. He was a father that was fighting a losing battle against Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. So, he wanted to do something special for the beloved wife and daughter he was going to leave behind. It all started with a photo series by photographer Lindsey Villatoro. She took pictures of Jim and Grace during one of her “forever loved” photo sessions. After meeting the couple, she was moved. She said they were “the most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.” Since Jim’s future was so uncertain, Lindsey wanted to help the family make a memory they could cherish forever. The resulting moment is so touching, you might need to grab a few tissues when you see it.

Grace told the photographer that their 11 year-old, Josie, was sad her father would miss so many things in her life.

With Lindsey’s help, the Zetz family organized a special moment for Josie and her daddy.

It was on Josie’s 11th birthday.

Since Jim wouldn’t be around to see her real wedding, they threw a wedding for the little girl he COULD attend.

Jim walked Josie down the aisle…

Slipped a ring on her finger and they were pronounced “daddy and daughter.”

No matter what happens with Jim, this is a moment that he and his daughter will have forever.

They won’t forget it, and neither will anyone there that day.

“I met Josie [the day of the wedding],” the photographer said. “She was a little bit overwhelmed when her mom picked her up from school and told her. She just needed a moment. Later, she said, ‘This is the best day of my life.’ She was very glad and excited to have these moments.” To see more of Lindsey’s work, visit her online portfolio. Source: Love Song Photography via Daily Mail It’s tragic that sickness tears loving families apart. This reminds us to embrace and appreciate those we love while we can. Please share this wonderful moment the Zetz family experienced with others.

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Couples Married For A Combined 500+ Years Reveal Their Secrets. You Have To See These.

If you are married (or even if you just hope to be someday), you’ll know that even the best relationships take work. Being committed to one person for the rest of your life can seem daunting. People have their good days and bad days, and you’ll have to live through both. Luckily, some long-married couples have advice for others that is tried-and-true. Combined, they have been married for 506 years. I think they know what they’re talking about.

Jenny and Manny DaSilva (65 years) – “When you go to bed at night, it doesn’t matter how angry or sad you are, you don’t have to say anything but you always, always touch toes. Just a little reminder that I’m here and I still love you no matter what.”

Mary and John McFeely (60 years) – “Tell [your wife] she’s beautiful every day and no matter how old you get, how sore your ‘ol bones feel, or how many teeth you lose, slow dance with and kiss [your wife] every chance you get. You never know when you won’t be able to again.”

Ummugul and Fikri Tatlici (62 years) – “Do not hold grudges. Forget, forgive and remember how you fell in love in the first place.”

Robert and Bernadine Higgins (61 years) – “Never hang wallpaper together.”

Vito and Dee Dee Lonero (54 years) – “I let him be the boss for the first 50 years, now I get the next 50. It’s even.”

Robert and Laura Wilkinson (57 years) – “Forget how society views marriage today. We were always in it for the long run.”

Helen and Joseph Pfeifer (57 years) – “Always kiss before bed, even if you’re angry. It’s what you’ll miss the most.”

Agnes and Harry Hutfles (60 years) – “You give and you give and you give.”

Jean and Paul Vagianos (30 years) – “Two things: Find your best friend and marry them. And weekend mornings are made for hours of talking and laughing over coffee.”

There’s some advice that seems too simple or childish, but when it comes down to it, being happily married is about keeping love and laughter in your life. You’ll face hard times, but you don’t have to do it alone. As for who to hang wallpaper with, I just plan on hiring someone to do it. All fights and stress avoided! Source: Huffington Post Share these awesome bits of marriage advice with others. They are legit.

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