Trump asks if questions about World Trade Center, Iraq are fair game now that W’s joining Jeb

Former President George W. Bush will join his brother Jeb on the campaign trail in South Carolina today, and Donald Trump asked about bringing up certain topics:

Trump’s getting plenty of criticism for comments similar to those he made during Saturday night’s GOP debate:

On “Face the Nation,” Trump said of 9/11, “I am not blaming [President Bush], although…the CIA said there was a lot of information that something like that was going to happen.”

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Dana Perino describes why she had ‘an out-of-party experience’ today [video]

Mitt Romney’s speech blasting the 2016 GOP front-runner and later Trump’s response made for interesting viewing for Dana Perino, who described it on “The Five” this afternoon:

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‘Sounds like a mob boss': Trump says Chicago Cubs owners ‘better be careful’

Donald Trump has made it quite clear that he won’t tolerate any negativity in this presidential election. Negativity directed at him, that is.

From USA Today:

New campaign-finance reportsshow that Marlene Ricketts, the wife of billionaire T.D. Ameritrade founder J. Joe Ricketts, contributed $3 million to Our Principles PAC, a super PAC thatblistered Trump with negative ads, voter guides and mailersahead of the Iowa caucusesand theNew Hampshire and South Carolina primaries. Katie Packer, who helped manageMitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, runs the group.

Virtually all the money thecommitteeraised in January came from Ricketts, whose familyownsthe Chicago Cubs.

The Ricketts family backed Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s short-livedpresidential bid. Marlene Ricketts, however, also spread smaller amounts to other contenders, giving $10,000 each last year to super PACs that backed Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, South Carolina Sen.Lindsey Graham, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

This morning, Trumphad a message for the Ricketts family:

Um, OK …

Some of his supporters are digging the tough-guy talk:

But a lot of people are … unimpressed, to say the least:

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Trump cancels rally in Miami on Monday; Heads to Ohio instead

Is Donald Trump confident that he’ll win Florida and its 99 delegates on Tuesday? Maybe so.

He’s cancelled his big rally in Miami on Monday in favor of one in Youngstown, Ohio instead:

He’ll have his victory party at Doral, if he wins that is:

Trump will still be inTampa on Monday.

Polls have Trump way up in Florida and challenging in Ohio:

FWIW, a protest was scheduled for Monday in Miami with almost 1000 people signed up on the group’s Facebook page but it’s not clear if this had an bearing on Trump’s decisions (Our thought? Probably not):

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Donald Trump repeats his desire to ‘penetrate the Internet’

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer is about the only person who tookDonald Trump seriously Tuesday night when he repeated his strategy to “close up” parts of the Internet that ISIS is using to recruit members and coordinate attacks.

Even if it could be done, would it be a good idea?

Expect to this hear this gem quite a bit tomorrow.

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Mary Katharine Ham gets attacked for basically agreeing with Donald Trump

Earlier this morning, Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham — editor-at-large of our sister website Hot Air — were on Fox News discussing the media-created controversy over comments Donald Trump made on different security measures he might consider to deal with illegal immigrants and/or Islamic terrorists.

Trump, however, didn’t like what Ham had to say and lashed out at her on Twitter:

Here’s the problem: Ham and Williams were not talking about the border and Ham actually defended Trump over the way the media asked him the question about the Muslim database:

Trump later tweeted that it was the reporter who asked the question and not vice-versa, which is what Ham said on Fox News in the first place:

Ham went on to question why Trump spent time attacking her rather than getting his staff out ahead of the story:

Good question.

Here’s the video of the exchange to see for yourself:

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