No Matter What Little Crisis Happens In Your Life, This Guy Has A Post-It Note With The Solution

Life is full of little annoyances.

Whether you need to decide if you should drink another coffee, can’t handle the anxiety that comes from waiting for a reply, or constantly forget to bring your lunch to work, Chaz Hutton has a sticky note for you.

His Instagram is full of relatable, hilarious posts about the everyday trials and tribulations we all face. Here are some of our favorites.

In case you’re wondering how to adjust your clocks on November 6, this is your answer.

A note for those nights when you need a quick dinner.

Anyone who works in a creative field can totally relate to this.

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Here Are 15 Creative Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles. I’ll Drink To That!

If you still think recycling is boring, maybe you should think about taking that bad attitude and turning it into something cool. You probably won’t be able to make an ottoman out of it, but anything else would be a complete upgrade. There’s no longer any room in this world for people who hate on converting garbage into usable material–that space is now occupied by dangling fish decorations and awesome plastic peacocks. It gets more useful from there, trust us.

1. Ottoman

2. Piggy Bank

3. Bird Feeder

4. Napkin Holder

5. Shoe Organizer

6. Candy Canes

7. Cookie Package

8. Cups

9. Light Fixture

10. Mobile

11. Lamp

12. Fish Decoration

13. Planters

14. Wind Harps

15. Peacock

(H/T woohome) Now if only we could figure out a way to get cars to run on people’s creativity. The planet would be saved! Share this post using the button below.

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Here Are 23 Toilets You Absolutely Must ‘Occupy’ Before You Die. Although #2 Is Pretty Much Insane.

The bathroom is typically not a place that people show off much. Having fancy soaps and oils is nice. Some people even have really neat faucets. If you’re going to make a bathroom awesome, you’ll probably focus on adding a really cool shower or tub… but what about the toilet? After you see this, you’ll know how much potential the porcelain throne has. It’s not just for making #1 and #2… you can make a statement with your toilet. These people are so doing things right.

1.) For the pooping adrenaline junkie.

2.) It might not be fully functional, but it’s cool.

3.) Confusing and elegant. That’s steampunk.

4.) Look, but don’t touch this gold bathroom (you have to squat).

5.) Get trippy with this Yellow Submarine bathroom.

6.) We hope you like peeing while being terrified.

7.) Going pee is better under the sea.

8.) The koi pond bathroom, for when you need company.

9.) This bathroom, for when you need nightmares.

10.) Consider your own mortality while you relax.

11.) This is a one-way mirror; inside, you can see everyone around you.

12.) Do something natural while surrounded by nature.

13.) Stones – it’s what the cavemen built their bathrooms with.

14.) Surprise! It’s a bathroom.

15.) This half-in, half-out bathroom gives you private freedom.

16.) Welcome to the future of discreetly peeing.

17.) This tranquil garden bathroom is all about relaxation.

18.) Feel on top of the world!

19.) Just in case you wanted to see what it looked like from all angles.

20.) Comic books make bathrooms awesome in so many ways.

21.) The bathroom for lovers just got real weird.

22.) For gamers, bathroom time isn’t break time.

23.) It might be a challenge to get to the toilet, but it’s worth it.

Don’t let showers and tubs always steal the bathroom thunder. The next time you’re in a fancy bathroom, look at the toilet. It might just blow you away (and definitely will if it’s a bidet).

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What’s Hidden In These Photos Was Extremely Important. That’s Why This Is So Brilliant.

The photos below seem to be of a normal, suburban neighborhood, but they’re actually hiding something so important: a military base. Burbank’s Lockheed Air Terminal (which is now known as Bob Hope Airport) underwent a major makeover during World War II. In February 1942, a Japanese submarine was seen outside of San Francisco Bay. Then, when another was spotted in Santa Barbara, the US government decided to protect vital military installations along the Pacific Coast. For the Lockheed airport base, it was decided to camouflage the entire base to look like a suburban neighborhood. It was surprisingly effective.

This seems like a normal rural neighborhood, right?

It’s not. This is what the area looked like before. It was the Lockheed airport base.

Colonel John F Ohmer, an expert in camouflage and misdirection techniques, had the responsibility of creating a strategy for California.

Scenic designers, painters, art directors, landscape artists, animators, carpenters, lighting experts and prop men from movie studios in Hollywood, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Disney Studios, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Universal Pictures and others helped disguise this base.

A heavy-duty netting was spread over the top of the base, with trees and houses on top of it.

To make the camouflage seem like a legitimate neighborhood, the military had to maintain the illusion of life and activity on the surface. People were paid to ride their bicycles over the netting (Warren Holmgreen Jr.).

The netting protected airplanes, soldiers, and the lives of so many people that lived on the airbase.

It seems like an outlandish tactic, but from an aerial view, the airport base looked like a normal US neighborhood.

Before seeing this, if someone told me that the United States protected its soldiers by covering a base with a giant net made to look like a town, I’d think that the officer in charge was Wile E. Coyote. As it turns out, this intricate and well-strategized camouflage did the trick. Source: Reddit Now, to hide my house from Google Maps. Share this with others, it’s just too cool not to.

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Disney World Is Awesome… But It’s The Janitors There That Really Blow Me Away. WOW.

At Disney World, even the janitors are magical. As a janitor (a.k.a., a custodial guest) at Disney World, this girl gets to help keep the happiest place on earth nice and tidy. She sweeps the streets… but she can do much more than just that. She and the other members of her custodial guest team can do quite a special trick for the other guests at the park. Just give them a mop and bucket, and you’ll see.

The janitors there aren’t just janitors.

They can “paint” Disney characters using just a bucket of water and a broom or mop.

Each of them can draw about 15-20 characters.

“Sometimes for fun, we would go up against each other in “drawing battles” and let the audience decide who wins.”

Practice makes perfect! “I once visited Disneyland, and saw the local custodians doing water art and I asked if I could try. They didn’t know I was from Disney World…”

After dark, she would practice different characters.

Like Simba here!

Stitch was a frequently requested character.

As were all of the Disney classics, like Donald Duck.

Lady, her favorite character, wasn’t too popular with the younger generation.

Many janitors had their own “signature characters” that other custodians wouldn’t draw, like Mike from Monsters Inc.

Or Carl from Up.

Source: Reddit Even though many of the employees at Disney World were seasonal or temporary, they enjoyed embracing their roles there and learning as many characters to draw as they could. Hundreds of people would gather to watch them create water art… it’s an amazing part of the job! Share their unique talents with others by clicking on the button below.

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Notice Anything About The Stuff Surrounding This Girl? Enter Her World And Take A Closer Look.

Redditor NicoleMary27 shared these incredibly unique photos that are the works of her friend Zoey. Zoey has an affinity for making things out of cardboard, inserting herself into amazing worlds she creates before her photographer boyfriend, David, snaps the pictures. Together they go by the name Dosshaus. Below are 8 pictures of her cardboard creations and each piece’s title name.

The writer’s room.

Coming to focus.

A pause.

After her show.

A cinema machine.

In the night theater.

The unexpected luncheon.

The artist and photographer behind this incredible cardboard world.

How awesome is that? I bet she could make a killer fort! You can find more of Zoey’s work on her DeviantArt page, her Tumblr or the couple’s own website. Source: Reddit Share this cardboard world with your friends below.

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What This Couple Built In Their House Is Straight Out Of A Creepy Castle. But It’s AWESOME.

DIY projects can be a frustrating part of home ownership (or boring Sundays when you have nothing else to do). However, the project this couple completed in their spare time is the coolest, most creative DIY. They decided that their house should contain some fantastical secrets, much like a creepy castle nestled in the hills of Germany. So, they set out to make a secret doorway in their home to delight and confuse guests with. This gallery is their awesome DIY journey.

They decided to replace the extra door in their “jack-and-jill” style bathroom.

The second door led into the living room.

So, instead of having an eyesore of a door there, they decided to build a secret bookcase entrance.

He built the door frame and then a separate shelving insert. He used screws and glue on the inside of the shelving to secure it to the frame.

They put the door in for a test fit – looking good (and the cat was already loving it).

The door was going to have an aged look, so they oxidized the wood with a mixture of vinegar and steel wool.

In this picture, you can really see how fast the oxidizing process happens. This is about 30 seconds after the mixture was applied.

As the mixture dried…

The unique finish really showed.

“Tongue and groove” panels were added to the back of the shelf to give it a better finish.

Once the door was hung, the hinges and space around the frame was covered by simple door trim that was added.

They stapled down the trim to make it flush with the door and outside trim.

The trim was meant to be snug, but it was sanded around the edges to make sure i wouldn’t catch on the frame.

It works!

The trim was then also oxidized the same way.

Then the best part was added… the secret book that opened the case.

A thick book was used as part of the latch.

A wedge of pages was cut out, a screw attached to a piece of wood was inserted into that space. The piece of wood hidden in the book is secured to the book with glue and is also hinged to the bookcase itself. This allows the book to move freely and in the proper way to open the latch.

The mechanism used for the door was a normal gate latch (it could be locked from the inside).

The pin it would catch on.

It was a bit of a hack job, but it works.

The finished product!

(The cat post acts as an unofficial door stop.)

Their guests will never see it coming…

Instead of a strange door leading from the living room to the bathroom, this couple now have an awesome secret doorway. Not only does it blend in with the room, but it’s a functional conversation piece that takes guests by surprise. This is the kind of unique feature every home should have. The inspiration for this door (and helpful how-tos) can be found here. This DIY project should get some kind of award. Share it!

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Amazing Rube Goldberg Machine Powered By Light And Magnifying Glasses.

To advertise their new fiber optics Internet connection called hikari (which means light in Japanese), Japanese Internet provider au made this really cool ad featuring a Rube Goldberg machine that is powered by nothing but light and magnifying glasses…well and gravity too, of course.

A Rube Goldberg machine is an over-engineered contraption that is designed to perform a very simple task in a complicated way (usually using some kind of chain reaction). You could say that this epic creation works at the speed of light! Very impressive.

(Source: au on YouTube)

The sound design alone in that video was simply amazing. Put on some good headphones and listen to how wide the soundscape is. As an audiophile I was more impressed by that than the video, and that’s saying something because the video was insanely awesome.

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These 17 Kitchen Hacks Will Change The Way You Cook. #5 Has Me Drooling To Try It.

Conquering the kitchen is on most people’s to-do list, but it’s difficult to ever get around to. Thankfully, there are lots of easy cheats or “hacks” for most of your kitchen and cooking woes. Once you learn these helpful kitchen hacks, you won’t know how you lived before (or why you ever bought a funnel in the first place).

1.) Use two plates to cut cherry tomatoes in half.


2.) Instead of scooping out ice cream helpings at a party, dip the carton of ice cream in warm water for 15-30 seconds. Then, invert the ice cream container on a plate. Then, cut through the block of ice cream with a knife after running it under hot water.


3.) You can also run a knife under hot water to cut perfect slices of cake.


4.) Use a bottle opener to open jars. Just lift the edge of the lid until you hear the pop, then unscrew normally.


5.) Make balls of dough, then freeze them. That way, you have ready to make cookies any time.


6.) Use a muffin or cupcake pan to make taco bowls. Just flip the pan upside down, shape tortillas into the spaces and then bake.


7.) Put a slice of bread in a container of brown sugar to keep the sugar from hardening into clumps.


8.) Instead of wasting broth, freeze it in ice cube trays. That way, it doesn’t go bad and you have small servings ready.


9.) Don’t buy a funnel and waste space. Instead, use an envelope with a corner cut off.


10.) If you ever have leftover wine (unlikely), freeze it in plastic bags so you can use it later for cooking.


11.) To keep leftover guacamole from turning brown, put it in a container and then slowly add water to the top. That stops the guac from reacting with the oxygen. When you want to eat it, just pour the water out.


12.) Easily dice a mango by keeping the fruit attached to the skin, cutting a grid in it with a knife and then inverse the slices and cut off the cubes.


13.) Use a food processor on brown rice cereal or gluten free pretzels to make your own “bread” crumbs that are gluten free.


14.) Melt store-bought truffles in milk to make your own high quality hot chocolate.


15.) If a recipe calls for room temperature eggs, warm yours up by letting them sit in a bowl of warm water.


16.) Blend an egg and a cup of oil to make your own mayo.


17.) Use a bundt pan to stabilize a cooked ear of corn so you can cut off the kernels.


(H/T Cosmopolitan) These kitchen hacks may not turn you into Gordon Ramsey or Wolfgang Puck, but it will make cooking many dishes at least slightly easier. If you enjoyed these tips, share them with others!

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These 30 Inventions Will Transform Your Kitchen Into Awesomeness. #14 Though… What The?

When you have extra money to burn, it’s difficult not to spend it on stuff that’s just… cool. Stores like Sky Mall and Brookstone are full of strange gadgets that you’d probably never use, but want just the same. Some of these strange (and sometimes costly) tools could come it handy. However, it’s doubtful you’d use them enough to justify their cost. These are some of the best kitchen gadgets out there that you would never find in your normal kitchen.

1.) Pacman: helping bakers the world over.

2.) Need to store knives and satisfy your need to stab people?

3.) Or want to freak out your guests?

4.) It’s hard to say what this does, but it looks painful.

5.) Separating egg yolks can be creepy…

6.) Or adorable!

7.) Give your toothpicks their very own form of transportation.

8.) Did you know that bananas are heat resistant?

9.) I don’t need no corn on no cobs.

10.) Feel like Wolverine with this finger fork.

11.) When cooking is like an awesome science experiment.

12.) Give your dinner guests nightmares with these gadgets.

13.) This creepy/adorable little guy will help you dice cherries.

14.) Evil robot … or coffee machine?

15.) Peeling potatoes is for fools.

16.) S’MORES!

17.) Cut pizza like a boss.

18.) Crispy microwave bacon? YES.

19.) This mixer tries to be cute, but it’s just evil.

20.) It’s hard to say what this is, aside from terrifying.

21.) Spinning your own fork to eat spaghetti is for losers.

22.) Make your own sauce at home… or grind up things for fun.

23.) Stop mixing like a caveman.

24.) Picking up the jug to pour it is archaic. Use this rocking thing instead.

25.) Want to serve drinks? Use something cool to do so, like this.

26.) Two words: Custom toast.

27.) Chop things like a cool kid.

28.) Save dem bananas.

29.) Crack nuts like Hilary Clinton

30.) Mr. Penguin helps steep your tea the appropriate amount of time.

Even if I’d only use these things once a year, it would be totally worth it to have it in my kitchen. Nothing impresses family and friends like custom toast designs (am I right?). Share these awesome inventions by clicking below!

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