Set phasers for DELUSION: George Takei dreams of beaming aboard this ‘special prosecutor’

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Wow, this AP spin on appeals court’s smackdown of Obama executive amnesty is something else

In February of this year, a federal judge in Texas ruled in favor Gov. Greg Abbott after Texas governor challenged President Obama’s executive amnesty.

On Monday the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the ruling that Obama’s amnesty push is unconstitutional, but here’s how the Associated Press framed it:

Well, that’s one way to put it.

The AP tweet sounds like it could have been written by Josh Earnest.

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Poor, poor, pitiful POTUS: Obama doesn’t think he gets enough respect!/SeanMooRad/status/423185359652913152

Has Barack Obama told you lately how hard it is being president? No? Well, it is hard.

During a visit this afternoon with the Miami Heat, President Obama confessed that people are mean to him sometimes. He just can’t get no respect!!/markknoller/status/423184235592052736

Awww … poor baby! Meanwhile, the guy’s got no respect for everyday Americans:!/BotchedLobotomy/status/423185557905088512

He doesn’t really respect the Constitution, either. But please, be nice to him, you guys. He has feelings, too!

Respect is earned, Mr. President. Something you clearly known nothing about.!/NAFletchr/status/423184639943917569

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‘Not doing a damn thing’: Does ‘even Everytown’ think Obama’s ‘full of it’ on gun control?

Twitter’s buzzing over President Obama’s plans to “save some lives” by ending gun violence:

Bold move, Mr. President.


Except you know who doesn’t seem to be feeling a whole lot better? Everytown:


Tough break, Everytown.

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Lizz Winstead taken in by nonexistent Rep. Steven Smith!/lizzwinstead/status/459506290218504192

Actually, no. Rep. Steven Smith isn’t an elected official, nor does the 15th congressional district he claims to represent exist. The Twitter account has managed to fool quite a few, including “Daily Show” co-creator Lizz Winstead. How could she not respond to this reply?!/RepStevenSmith/status/459501508401590272!/RepStevenSmith/status/459506670029139968!/RepStevenSmith/status/459508793949560832!/RepStevenSmith/status/459511201719123968


The tweet calling “Rep. Steven Smith” an elected official is gone, but not forgotten. Doesn’t Ms. Winstead know by now that Twitchy is forever?


David Sirota falls for fake congressman from nonexistent district

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Cartoon Kim Kardashian not ashamed to support President Obama in midterms!/johnnymagoo2/status/529451064257679362

Kim Kardashian gave the, um, Obama campaign a last-minute boost Monday night with an Instagram photo that appears to have been lifted from her popular iPhone game.

It’s a nice gesture for Kardashian to stand with the president, considering that the real President Obama couldn’t be bothered (or wasn’t invited) to stand with those candidates who are actually running in the midterms.

Is a cartoon of a woman who rose to fame by appearing in a sex tape just the boost struggling candidates need?

Voters are faced with so many choices.

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‘He didn’t come’: Looks like Michael Moore’s a mite miffed at Obama [pics]

Michael Moore isupset about what’s happened in Flint, Michigan, and he hoped desperately that the Lightbringer would stop by to make everything a little better:

Alas, Moore was in for disappointment:


Some tweeters were right there with him:

Others … not so much:

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‘Nails it’! Rob Lowe shatters Obama’s lame ‘wrong side of history’ remark about Russia!/wkhjr918/status/440593567799468032

Talk about an understatement.

As Twitchy reported, Barack Obama apparently thinks he can persuade Vladimir Putin to leave Ukraine alone by declaring that Russia’s “on the wrong side of history.” Count Rob Lowe among those thoroughly unimpressed by President Peacemaker’s finger-wagging:!/RobLowe/status/440593179041992705

Oh, snap!!/SalenaZitoTrib/status/440593389483196417

Lowe understands that Putin isn’t suddenly going to grow a conscience. Putin won’t be guilted into changing his mind — or threatened into it, as Sen. Feinstein pointed out today:!/ChadPergram/status/440591328926502912

Even Dianne Feinstein knows Obama’s brand of diplomacy is getting nowhere. So what’s it gonna take for the president to wake up and smell reality?



‘Like Putin cares’: President Cliché warns Russia not to be on ‘wrong side of history’

Twitchy coverage of Rob Lowe

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