27 Reasons New Zealand Should Be Off Your Bucket List


1. Welcome to New Zealand…or Australia Jr.

Flickr: sissonphoto / Creative Commons

2. What the hell is this wasteland?!

Flickr: mazzali / Creative Commons

3. The second you land here, you’re exposed to the horrible views the country has to offer.

Flickr: jezuez471 / Creative Commons

4. That skyline. YUCK!

5. Really OLD theatres.

6. Mediocre sunsets.

Flickr: stuckincustoms / Creative Commons

7. Look at this disgusting mess.

8. As if you’d want to visit the set of this dumb movie that no one saw.

Flickr: davaodude / Creative Commons

9. What was the name of it again?

Flickr: stuckincustoms / Creative Commons

10. Why is the sky that colour?! Eww.

Flickr: dexxus / Creative Commons

11. No Instagram filter can make this sight bearable.

Flickr: chris_gin / Creative Commons

12. Look at these ski fields…MEH!

Flickr: dave_see / Creative Commons

13. And ugly hills that remind you of the dark time you had Windows XP.

Flickr: pietroizzo / Creative Commons

14. What the hell is that!?

Flickr: linneasunflower / Creative Commons

15. Urgh.

Flickr: loic80l / Creative Commons

16. YUCK!

Flickr: chris_gin / Creative Commons

17. Definitely photoshopped!

Flickr: 127665714@N08 / Creative Commons

18. Hopefully this is a road out of New Zealand.

Flickr: paperpariah / Creative Commons

19. You can only hope this boat would get you out of here.

Flickr: ianz / Creative Commons

20. Wait, nevermind! The country is completely surrounded by water! You’re trapped here!

Flickr: surferlisa / Creative Commons

21. Urgh. And don’t get us started on this so-called “food”.

Flickr: probonobaker / Creative commons

22. There’s whales…but where can’t you see them?!

Flickr: 96903347@N02 / Creative Commons

23. ~Wow soooooo funnnnn!!~

Flickr: orcaman / Creative Commons

24. Would take a concrete jungle over this crap any day.

Flickr: georgeka / Creative Commons

25. Just everywhere you look is painful on the eyes!

Flickr: benurs / Creative Commons

26. Long story short, just take this advice…

Flickr: loic80l / Creative Commons

27. Don’t go to New Zealand.

Flickr: taspicsvns / Creative Commons

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The Green Tree Frog Might Look Small, But It’s Decidedly Badass

The Australian green tree frog is one of the most common frog species in their homeland. For humans, they make great pets and can be an ideal form of pest control if they live near your home. But while they might look harmless, that changes if you’re…say, an innocent snake or giant spider just trying to get on with your life.

Then, these frogs turn into deadly, effective predators…

Green tree frogs are most easily identified by their bright green coloring. For anyone who’s familiar with the frog in their native Australia, they’re equal parts pest and pest controller.

Getty Images

They can be found in urban areas, forests and woodlands, and wetlands. Out in the suburbs, they have a nasty habit of making a home for themselves near shower blocks and water tanks.

Getty Images

For example, Redditor ElfBingley had a problem flushing their toilet about a year ago. When they went to check the tank, they found these buggers inside. Talk about an infestation.

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Still though, just because they’re frogs doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally put on a display of unusual badassery. Take this tree frog…he’s going toe to toe with a rather large snake.

Not only do tree frogs hunt snakes, they’ve also been known to occasionally take up residence outside of caves and catch bats to eat. Yikes!


Aside from snakes and bats, tree frog diets also include mice and giant spiders.


(via Australian Museum)

When it all comes down to it, personally, I’d much rather have a frog infestation than a snake problem on my property.

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Sydney’s Newest Building Isn’t Just Going Green. It’s Literally Green.

Cities the world over are realizing that, with all the recent development, they might be running out of room. There’s barely room for buildings, people and plants. Green spaces are vital for cleaning the air, cooling the city and keeping the residents sane. It’s extremely difficult to create green space in a packed urban area.

In Sydney, Australia, architect Jean Nouvel wanted to create this elusive green space. However, he wanted to do it in a way that worked with the modern city’s existing profile–a compromise, of sorts. What he came up with was One Central Park, a dual-tower apartment and retail complex that rises 116 meters. The towers are 16 and 33 stories, and feature four floors of retail space and 563 apartments above.

The building with its two units and reflector.

The building’s greenery takes a cue from the nearby parkland.

The vegetation grows freely all over the building, like an urban forest.

The buildings is also wrapped in a series of gardens that house a variety of vegetation. Vertical planters and vines climb the panels along the sides of the buildings. In the residential decks, trees and plants grow in miniature gardens. What might otherwise be a sterile-looking high rise has a lush, verdant look.

Each unit gets its own bit of greenery, so even city-dwellers can enjoy a bit of nature. For the apartments that might not get enough sun to sustain their gardens, the reflector shines light on shaded areas. At night, it lights up, but there’s no word yet about how the residents like that.

The reflector allows sunlight to reach plants in shady places.

Each unit gets access to some greenery

The building as seen from above, looking notably green.

In addition to looking nice and breaking up the monotony of the urban setting, city greenery also provides a way to clean and filter the air. It also cuts down on the phenomenon of heat islands, which collect heat from the sun and trap it, raising the temperature of the city and, on a macro scale, the planet. 

Via designboom|images courtesy of Frasers Property and Sekkisui House

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Julie Bishop Describes Serious Diplomatic Relationships With Emoji

Exclusive: World’s first political emoji interview.

Australia’s foreign affairs minister, Julie Bishop, simply loves using emojis to make a point. In a BuzzFeed News exclusive, we sat down with her for the world’s first political emoji interview.

Lukas Coch for BuzzFeed / AAP Images

1. We started off with a simple one to get the ball rolling.

Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

2. But it turns out that her emoji patronus is a monkey.

Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

3. When asked to hand out emoji spirit animals to others, she gave prime minister Tony Abbott the running man. Is he running to his right?

Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

4. And the man tipped to challenge Abbott for the top job got the iPhone. Is that because he loves working the phones?

Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

5. Meanwhile, she thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin is embodied in the red-faced angry man.

Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

Lukas Coch for BuzzFeed / AAP Images

6. Bishop is famous for her morning running routine. Does she enjoy a dance also? Maybe.

Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

7. And when it comes to her downtime…

Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

8. …she’s just like us tbh.

Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

9. But what about some serious emoji-plomacy? Let’s put Australia’s relationships into perspective.

Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

10. Then there’s Australia’s biggest trading partner and Asian neighbour.

Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

11. Australia’s most intense relationship at the moment is with Indonesia, which is set to execute two Australians for drug smuggling. The presence of “pensive face” is telling here.

Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

Lukas Coch for BuzzFeed / AAP Images

12. Bishop’s position on marriage equality is “open hands”, which in this case could be interpreted as “jazz hands”.

Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

Lukas Coch for BuzzFeed / AAP

13. The other elephant in the room is Bishop’s soaring popularity, which comes as Abbott’s sinks. So does she want his job?

Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

14. And finally, we found out her secret weapon emoji.

Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

It’s the emoji mind of Australia’s forward-thinking foreign minister.

Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

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