If You’re Going To Use A GoPro, Don’t Be As Stupid About It As These People

The hottest piece of technology these days for people who love making videos is clearly the GoPro camera. This tiny device shoots in full HD and can take quite a beating. Just throw “GoPro videos” into the search bar on YouTube and you’ll come up with thousands and thousands of hits.

Those who have GoPros seem to love putting their cameras in harm’s way to get the shot of a lifetime. This often involves getting way to close to animals. Usually, everything turns out fine and they get some great footage. Other times? Well, I’ll let the following videos prove my point.

1. This is why you double check that your camera is secure before flying with it.

2. Foxes have some pretty terrifying chompers.

3. This octopus is a little too smart for its own good.

4. Eagles do not like drones.

5. Well, this will give you a new perspective on dogs…literally.

6. Watch out for those pesky wolverines.

7. It seemed like a good idea at the time, I guess.

8. Squirrels are small, but they can cause some big problems.

(via Reddit)

Well, I hope that’s a lesson to anyone with a GoPro. Never underestimate the curiosity of animals when these things are involved.

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Prepare To Fall In Love With This Baby Seal And Her Full Head Of Hair

While most baby seals are born with some sort of fur, few have a full head of hair like this little lady.

Born just under a month ago, the ringed seal pup lives at Kamogawa Sea World with her mom. Since her February birthdate, she’s taken Japan by storm. People from all over are flocking to see the seal while she still has her fur — it typically falls out after about two months.

(via Today)

It doesn’t get much cuter than that, folks. Seal pups with furry ‘fros are adorable beyond belief, and even after they lose the hair, they’re still pretty rad.

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Watch This Hero Dog Endure A Lengthy Journey To Feed Neighboring Animals.

Meet Lilica, a Brazilian junk yard dog with the heart of a champion. Why do you ask? Because she endures tremendous pain to help those around her… and by “around her,” I mean 4 miles away. Take a look at this incredible video and see for yourself.

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In Case You Didn’t Know, Mountain Goats Are Awesome. Here’s Why.

Mountain goats have the unique ability to climb all over the place like Spider-Man. Their hooves uniquely evolved into awesome climbing tools that allow them to end up in some pretty strange places. Sometimes they even get themselves into places they aren’t quite sure how to get out of – then they just sorta stare as if to wait for a rescue helicopter to come by.

But one thing’s for sure. They can do all sorts of stuff we can’t, and I’m jealous.

There’s climbing fun for the whole goat family.

They can just chill on the side of a mountain. No big deal.

Oh, and they can jump, too.

When they fight, it’s mostly just a lot of intimidating staring.

Sometimes they even defy the laws of gravity.

And other times, they just sorta hang out to show off to those of us with normal feet.

This one blends in with his surroundings. Just because he can.

They can even smile for the camera.

Balancing for them is literally no problem.


It’s a big world out there when vertical and horizontal surfaces are both fair game. I’m officially jealous of mountain goats.

Do these mountain goats a favor and give them some attention by sharing this article. They’re not going anywhere.

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These 18 Kissing Animals Will Brighten Your Day, Guaranteed.

Are you having a rough day? Do you think nothing will get you through? We have the best solution to your problem. These 18 cuddly animals just can’t stop kissing their best buds, and we can’t get these smiles off our faces. Are you ready to have one yourself?

1.) Bambi has a friend.

2.) Smushiest kiss ever.

3.) Aww.

4.) “That tickles!”

5.) Woah. He’s huge!

6.) “Hi Mom.”

7.) “Wake up!”

8.) Young love.

9.) Flirty time.

10.) I think she has some peanut butter left on there.

11.) Oh, that’s awesome.

12.) Lé lick.

13.) Bath time.

14.) “Seriously, WAKE UP!”

15.) Nope nope nope.

16.) “Fix your hair for the photo, babe.”

17.) Yum yum yum.

18.) My cuteness meter is going berserk.

19.) I have NO words.

(via FullPunch)

If you don’t have a grin from ear to ear…well, you’re less human than these guys. They’re having the time of their lives, and now so should you!

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Police Officers Escort A Mama Duck And Her Babies Safely Through A Busy City

Downtown traffic in Saskatoon, Canada, stood still for a few adorable minutes when a couple of kindhearted police officers escorted a mama duck and her babies toward the South Saskatchewan River.

Duck families are common sights at the start of spring, since ducklings hatch this time of year. Within 24 hours of hatching, mother ducks lead their little ones to water, which normally goes off without a hitch.

Unfortunately for these little fluff balls, their mother couldn’t avoid laying her eggs in a busy area. That’s where these officers came in!

We all need a helping hand sometimes, and these nice officers really went out of their way to extend theirs to an adorable little family. Good job, guys!

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This Dog And Tiny Baby Make The Cutest Music Together — This Is Too Funny!

I learned how to play the piano when I was little, but I never had such a devoted sidekick to sing along with my tunes.

Occasionally, I was graced by a violin, but the sweet sounds that are created when these two cuties come together is unmatched.

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As the little girl in the video below hits the keys on her trusty piano, her beautiful boxer seems to want to add his own input to the song. Just watch — you’re bound to instantly fall in love.

What a beautiful moment between these two best friends.

I bet it won’t be long until they are taking center stage at some big concert hall!

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