Meet Mojito — She’s Got A Bit Of A Toy Obsession, But We Don’t Mind

Growing up, most of us had that one teddy bear or stuffed animal that we would take with us to bed every night to keep us company.

There was something so soothing about having a buddy with you to help fight off the imaginary creatures living under your bed (even if that buddy was made of fabric and stuffing). For me, my bedtime pal was a stuffed dalmatian I received from my parents during a hospital stay.

Some people, though, take sleeping with stuffed animals to a whole new level. I’ve seen a few cases where the amount of stuffed animals on someone’s bed outnumbers the actual pillows by more than two to one. But even the most avid stuffed animal collector is no match for this therapy dog.

Meet Mojito. She’s a therapy dog with a bit of a stuffed animal obsession.

Every night, Mojito carries a different stuffed companion with her to bed.

These stuffed animals come in many shapes, colors, and sizes, and each one has a special place in Mojito’s heart.

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No matter how many animals accumulate in her bed, her owner Kim can never put any of the toys away.

If she tries, the adorably obsessed pup will simply find the missing toys and drag them back upstairs to their fluffy home.

Mojito is a dog that knows what she wants. She searches the house high and low to find the exact stuffed toy she’s looking for.

And by the looks of things, Mojito has passed on her toy obsession to her puppy pal Tango.

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I mean, would you have the heart to take this sweet dog’s stuffed animals away from her?

What strange obsessions or collections do you have? Hopefully none of them are as crazy as this woman’s:

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