’50 Shades of Gray Pantsuits': Tweeters suggest names for Hillary’s new book


Hillary Clinton has reportedly scored a deal with Simon & Schuster to pen a book about her time as Secretary of State. What difference does it make? Well, in terms of literary value, probably not much. But if we’re talking about hashtag game potential? That’s a different story.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Twitterers to submit suggested titles for the tome, and boy, did they deliver:

#HillaryBookTitles 50 Ways to Break Your Husband’s Cigar Habit

— Lara (@fuh_rillz) April 4, 2013

#HillaryBookTitles And you thought only Bill could lie under oath…

— Susan(@Susanfromohio) April 4, 2013

#HillaryBookTitles “Head in the Sand…My view of the world around me”

— HeBeGeeBee (@Gbpakrfan1) April 4, 2013

The Audacity of My Husband #HillaryBookTitles

— WEN(D)Y (@TXCupCake) April 4, 2013

#HillaryBookTitles Vast Right Wing Conspiracies & other Fairy Tales

— Jennifer Hall (@jenjhall) April 4, 2013

#HillaryBookTitles – Who Moved My Chardonnay?#tcot

— aGinTexas (@ag_texas) April 4, 2013


#HillaryBookTitles Hillary Clinton and the Chamber of Secrets

— Spencer Finch (@spencerfinchgop) April 4, 2013

@fuh_rillz #HillaryBookTitles Fifty Shades Of Gray Pantsuits

— John Q Public (@JohnQPublicJR) April 4, 2013

#hillarybooktitles Stand by your man when it can further your agenda

— Leda_Saved (@Ledamaae) April 4, 2013

What Difference at This Point, Does The Constitution Make? #HillaryBookTitles

— Pete Sake (@politicope) April 4, 2013

Many of the submissions were Benghazigate-related — and rightly so:

#HillaryBookTitles What difference does my incompetence make?

— Armed Benghazi Fruit (@2012Pineapple) April 4, 2013

#HillaryBookTitles Asleep at the wheel: How I wound up under the bus.

— Robert Van Dusen (@treboryaj1) April 4, 2013

RT @benshapiro: .@theleadcnn It Takes a Village to Kill an Ambassador #HillaryBookTitles

— Scott Whitlock (@ScottJW) April 4, 2013

#HillaryBookTitles I Have No Specific Recollection. (How To Testify Without Incriminating Yourself)

— Gravypants (@Graveepants) April 4, 2013

#HillaryBookTitles Foolproof Steps to Successfully Faking a Migraine When in Fear of Facing the Truth

— Lara (@fuh_rillz) April 4, 2013

Stand By Your Men: Obfuscating from Monica to Benghazi #HillaryBookTitles

— BrianWollet (@BrianWollet) April 4, 2013

#HillaryBookTitles it Takes a Village to Cover Up Benghazi

— Sarahtonin (@Sarahtonin0) April 4, 2013

#HillaryBookTitles Sects, Lies, and Videotape: the #Benghazi Story

— Razor (@hale_razor) April 4, 2013



‘What difference does it make’? Hillary’s lasting regret for her memoirs: Loss of lives in Benghazi

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That one time CNN tweeted an Ebola photo and a case of snark broke out


Some people noticed another hilarious reason for tweeting out such a photo.

I like that CNN is tweeting a picture of ebola bacteria. It will be handy in case I encounter it in the wild. With my microscope vision.

— Sarah (@andsarah2) September 30, 2014


Virus MT @andsarah2: I like CNN is tweeting a picture of ebola bacteria. Handy in case I encounter it in the wild. W my microscope vision

— Todd Zwillich (@toddzwillich) October 1, 2014

The sentiment remains the same.

@andsarah2 @ingdamnit Fool! That's not a microscopic image. Ebola has evolved. IT'S HUGE. IT'S THE SIZE OF CATS NOW.

— Fez Gu-I'M DAISY (@vampricyoda) October 1, 2014

Thanks @CNN for tweeting a picture of ebola bacteria. I will finally get to use my microscope that I always have attached to my hip.

— Amy Piskator (@runamyrunn) October 1, 2014

Thanks for tweeting a photo of the Ebola virus, CNN. Now I'll know exactly what it looks like when I encounter it in real life.

— Allison James (@ALLISONofabitch) October 1, 2014

In the meantime, be warned:

@andsarah2 @rubyjnkie don't touch it!!! Don't touch the picture!

— Frank (@frankandrus) October 1, 2014

Never change, Twitter.


Full Twitchy coverage of CNN

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These Tourists Just Want To Get The Best Photo, But It Could End Up Being Deadly

Towering more than 500 feet above the English Channel, the chalk-white cliffs of Seven Sisters Country Park might just be the world’s most beautiful (and dangerous) tourist attraction.

And despite the perilous dangers involved, tourists from near and far have taken to the oceanside cliffs for a walk on the wild side. The Seven Sisters cliffs are the chalky remnants of dry valleys which are slowly eroding. There have been multiple cliff collapses over the course of the last year, and most notably, a large chunk of cliff measuring in at over 250 feet feel straight into the sea back in May.

Despite the danger of cliff collapses, the Seven Sisters are not fenced off, thus attracting daredevil tourists to push their limits all for the sake of a one-of-a-kind photo.

Read More: A Few Years After Hiroshima, Tourists In Las Vegas Took Pleasure In Something Awful

Don’t look down, otherwise this adventure might be your last.

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Kabali effect: HC bars ISPs from allowing online piracy

“The ISPs shall prohibit such websites in the territorial jurisdiction of India from exhibiting, releasing, projecting, screening or in any manner providing platforms for downloading the film , which

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On today of all days? @HealthCareTara pimps Vox graphic [screenshot]


Is it ever really a good day to promote Vox’s work? No. But this day is a particularly bad one. Too bad Tara McGuinness didn’t think of that:

@HealthCareTara Vox RT

Do yourself a favor, cupcake, and next time, save yourself the added embarrassment and check Twitchy first.



Once, twice, three times a screwup? This Vox-er is having a really bad day [screenshots]; Updated

Twitchy coverage of Tara McGuinness

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David Draiman eviscerates Roger Waters’ response to anti-Semitism accusations


As Twitchy reported earlier today, Roger Waters attempted to deflect accusations of anti-Semitism by writing a statement pointing out that some of his best friends are Jews.

David Draiman, vocalist for the bands Device and Disturbed, was a vocal critic of Roger Waters after a recent concert during which the Star of David was displayed on an inflatable pig, and he’s not buying Waters’ explanation.

One Twitter user asked Draiman if he cared to retract his criticism of Waters.


Draiman’s answer? Not so much.




So, the answer to the tweeter’s question would be a solid “no.”

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