Charlie Daniels spots a familiar figure: ‘Can you identify this senator?’ [pic]!/CharlieDaniels/status/382182369412673536

Teehee! With its whiny expression, that statue’s a dead ringer for John McCain.!/Whiskey_Dale/status/382183895032012800!/RockyGriggs12/status/382184430502424576

But there are other candidates:!/Bob_Oscar/status/382183128535556096!/ClintRJB/status/382183201805852672!/Jonathan_Young_/status/382183532627361792

Do former senators count?!/Pupzillasmom/status/382183306776698881

We can totally see it.



Twitchy coverage of Charlie Daniels

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Meet Mojito — She’s Got A Bit Of A Toy Obsession, But We Don’t Mind

Growing up, most of us had that one teddy bear or stuffed animal that we would take with us to bed every night to keep us company.

There was something so soothing about having a buddy with you to help fight off the imaginary creatures living under your bed (even if that buddy was made of fabric and stuffing). For me, my bedtime pal was a stuffed dalmatian I received from my parents during a hospital stay.

Some people, though, take sleeping with stuffed animals to a whole new level. I’ve seen a few cases where the amount of stuffed animals on someone’s bed outnumbers the actual pillows by more than two to one. But even the most avid stuffed animal collector is no match for this therapy dog.

Meet Mojito. She’s a therapy dog with a bit of a stuffed animal obsession.

Every night, Mojito carries a different stuffed companion with her to bed.

These stuffed animals come in many shapes, colors, and sizes, and each one has a special place in Mojito’s heart.

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No matter how many animals accumulate in her bed, her owner Kim can never put any of the toys away.

If she tries, the adorably obsessed pup will simply find the missing toys and drag them back upstairs to their fluffy home.

Mojito is a dog that knows what she wants. She searches the house high and low to find the exact stuffed toy she’s looking for.

And by the looks of things, Mojito has passed on her toy obsession to her puppy pal Tango.

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I mean, would you have the heart to take this sweet dog’s stuffed animals away from her?

What strange obsessions or collections do you have? Hopefully none of them are as crazy as this woman’s:

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9-term incumbent Democrat loses primary in Massachusetts!/shiracenter/status/509547158090313728

Down goes Rep John Tierney in Massachusetts’ sixth congressional district:!/thehill/status/509666432851136512

Of note, national Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi and Liz Warren, couldn’t save Tierney:!/Coondawg68/status/509661225433591808!/dccc/status/497358000664113152!/WuWCVB/status/473510245386711040

Now let’s meet the Democrat who beat Rep. Tierney, Iraq war veteran Seth Moulton:

[. . .] Seth joined the Marine Corps in 2001. Although Seth was firmly against the Iraq War, Seth served his country and led his platoon — eventually serving four tours of duty in Iraq over five years. Seth led an infantry platoon during the 2003 invasion and was in the first Marine company to enter Baghdad. Later, he worked to establish an independent Iraqi media. The following year, Seth returned to Iraq as an infantry platoon commander and fought in the lead company in the Battle of Najaf. At the request of then-Lieutenant General David Petraeus, Seth remained in Iraq and joined a small team of Marines working closely with Iraqi security forces and served as a liaison to senior Iraqi leaders south of Baghdad.

This actually looks like good news for the Dems as Moulton is thought to be the stronger candidate against Republican Richard Tisei:!/rickklein/status/509520869912510466

The GOP response so far? Not much:!/HotlineJosh/status/509520584594968576


Pelosi complains about cost of Boehner lawsuit, gets called out on hypocrisy 

‘Is this for real?’ See the DCCC’s latest ‘laughable and pathetic’ attempt at gathering donations [photo]

DCCC email: ‘We’re getting steamrolled by Karl Rove,’ ‘worst week so far’

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If You’re Going To Use A GoPro, Don’t Be As Stupid About It As These People

The hottest piece of technology these days for people who love making videos is clearly the GoPro camera. This tiny device shoots in full HD and can take quite a beating. Just throw “GoPro videos” into the search bar on YouTube and you’ll come up with thousands and thousands of hits.

Those who have GoPros seem to love putting their cameras in harm’s way to get the shot of a lifetime. This often involves getting way to close to animals. Usually, everything turns out fine and they get some great footage. Other times? Well, I’ll let the following videos prove my point.

1. This is why you double check that your camera is secure before flying with it.

2. Foxes have some pretty terrifying chompers.

3. This octopus is a little too smart for its own good.

4. Eagles do not like drones.

5. Well, this will give you a new perspective on dogs…literally.

6. Watch out for those pesky wolverines.

7. It seemed like a good idea at the time, I guess.

8. Squirrels are small, but they can cause some big problems.

(via Reddit)

Well, I hope that’s a lesson to anyone with a GoPro. Never underestimate the curiosity of animals when these things are involved.

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‘Huh?’ Did Rep. Charles Rangel just make the VA scandal a ‘class’ issue? Updated!/RBPundit/status/468766853809328128

Wut, indeed. Fox News’ Chad Pergram reports that Rep. Charles Rangel had this to say about the developing VA scandal:!/ChadPergram/status/468766613219446784


If Rangel said that, we’d love to hear the explanation.!/hboulware/status/468771879759519744

Twitchy will update with additional confirmation and video of Rangel’s remarks if they become available.


Rangel’s remarks in full are now available here.

The quote in question:

Asked whether VA Secretary Eric Shinseki should continue in his position, Mr. Rangel said the problem was larger than that.

“I am saying it’s our whole country — it’s our religious community that allows this to happen,” he said. “And I tell you, if it was a different class of people that were dying on Wall Street, it would not happen, and I know that. And no one can challenge that.

“They’re destroying their own lives because of this — they come home and they find [themselves] jobless and homeless and [hopeless], and we don’t talk about it,” he said. “And we just talk casually about the introduction of troops … so you asked the wrong guy for any rational explanation for what’s happening to them; VA or no VA, it’s wrong.”



Twitchy coverage of Charles Rangel

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‘Terrifying’: Vox’s Max Fisher wants to fly this ‘above every major US city’

Hard to disagree with that assessment.This is apparently what Vox luminary Max Fisher thinks about the notion of well coordinatedterrorist attacks in this country:

You go ahead and do that, Max.

It’s nice for Max that he wants to keep his head in the sand.

Good thing not everyone’s as willfully ignorant as he is.

That’s a rhetorical question, of course.

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