Axelrod: Why didn’t insurance cos. tell their customers Obama was lying?!/davidaxelrod/status/398912726275067904

What. A. Worm.

Obama adviser David Axelrod’s tweet is about as desperate and pitiful as it gets, but it’s a question that is easily answered:!/Sovereign71/status/398916363198017537

And what would the White House and Axelrod’s response have been a few months ago if insurance companies sent their customers letters informing them that Obama’s “if you like your plan you can keep your plan, period” promise was a lie?!/freddoso/status/398914258039107584!/laurww/status/398921038731292672

If they were “junk policies,” how come so many people are furious because they’re losing them and being forced into more expensive options?!/OrwellForce/status/398919771661430784!/RCannon74/status/398922099999268864

Criticism of Axelrod was swift, massive and necessary:!/PoliSisyphus/status/398921644699156482!/rwgranny/status/398921043986755584!/PornPops69/status/398920190517202944!/tandrewallace/status/398916226446942210!/boofasten/status/398920210582753282!/JasonBWhitman/status/398920364769566720!/MaxwellSilver3/status/398917298158723072!/Travesham/status/398918414288166912!/tandrewallace/status/398916608434765826!/theboyjoseph/status/398916444236165120

The only way David Axelrod will have a positive effect on the number of insured Americans is if he can figure out a way to turn BS into health insurance.

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