More than 20 faint at Obama speech; explanations offered!/AHMalcolm/status/223949957189730304

Paramedics (not paralegals!)  from the Roanoke, Va. fire department treated 21 people at President Obama’s speech today and took one to the hospital. The fire marshal blamed the heat, but Twitter knows better.

Must have been biz owners hearing his tax plan. RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: More than 20 People Faint During Obama Speech…

— Capehog (@capehog) July 14, 2012

But paralegals were on hand to help. RT @benhowe: RT @dcexaminer: ‘More than 20 people’ faint during Obama speech

— Suzi Basterd (@suzibasterd) July 14, 2012

Sign out front padding attendence: "FREE BATH SALTS." RT @dcexaminer: ‘More than 20 people’ faint during Obama speech

— Bob Owens (@bob_owens) July 14, 2012

How many threw up? RT @PatDollard: More than 20 People Faint During Obama Speech #tcot

— CA PATRIOT (@Cutiepi2u) July 14, 2012

#Obama blows so much hot air during speech 20 people faint – #wow #teaparty #tlot #tcot #ocra #news #politics

— johnny Doggs (@Johnny_Doggs) July 14, 2012

Does anyone remember where the key to the storage locker is?

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D’oh! Jason Alexander swings at Trump, clocks Bill Clinton (and Obama!) right in the KISSER

Yikes, this didn’t go well for Jason Alexander. Or Bill Clinton.

Or Barack Obama.

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Attacks on weaker sections against Indian ethos: Pranab

At a time when India and Pakistan are engaged in a ‘war of words’, President Pranab Mukherjee asserted that there would no stepping back on New Delhi’s “neighbourhood first policy”.In his televised a

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#Obamashomeboys‬: Obama’s ‘homeboy from Illinois’ remark is comedy gold!/michellemalkin/status/222799057595281410

If anything was ripe for mockery, President Obama’s absurd remark today certainly was. As Twitchy reported earlier, President “Barry from the Block” Obama said this about a supporter dressed as President Lincoln: “Abraham Lincoln is in the house. My homeboy from Illinois.” No, for reals. This is not The Onion.

The mocking was swift!

Vampire slayer? MT @ShawnaNBCNews: POTUS just said "And Abraham Lincoln is in the house." unclear if Lincoln is zombie or dressed-up person

— janniaragon (@janniaragon) July 10, 2012

Yessss. He's black again. RT @Obama2012: President Obama in Cedar Rapids: “Abraham Lincoln is in the house. My homeboy from Illinois."

— Ben Passer (@BenPasser) July 10, 2012

And then #Obamashomeboys began as Twitter users decided to remind President Obama who some of his actual “homeboys” are. The list isn’t pretty. But, hey, at least none of them are icky Swiss, right, Lefties?

NAACP racists who require photo ID to get into their convention #obamashomeboys

— Bossy Brat (@JGalt9) July 10, 2012

#obamashomeboys Anthony Weiner

— Barbara McMahon (@southsalem) July 10, 2012

#ObamasHomeboys 57 Statesmen

— ← scoπ's †wεε† 1776 (@imstudwel) July 10, 2012

Dead voters. #ObamasHomeboys

— Mrs Trouble (@april_pyle) July 10, 2012

Anyone willing to play the race card #Obamashomeboys

— Charlie (@charliemax) July 10, 2012

#obamashomeboys Sarah Jessica Soros & Anna Wintour

— Barbara McMahon (@southsalem) July 10, 2012

Communist Party USA, which has endorsed him #obamashomeboys

— Bossy Brat (@JGalt9) July 10, 2012

New Black Panthers #obamashomeboys

— Sam Valley (@SamValley) July 10, 2012

Non-repentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayres #ObamasHomeboys

— ★♥ Harriet Baldwin (@HarrietBaldwin) July 10, 2012

It has been said that you can judge a man by the company he keeps. Reading through the list of #ObamasHomeboys should concern us.

— Gabriel Hudelson (@GabrielHudelson) July 10, 2012

#obamashomeboys Anti freedom union thugs

— Skyler Woods (@ReturnTo1776) July 10, 2012

#obamashomeboys Anyone who'll fit under the bus.

— robert (@ProgressiveAle) July 10, 2012

#obamashomeboys The Choom Gang

— Josh Painter (I-TX) (@Josh_Painter) July 10, 2012

And, an early win!

His reflection #obamashomeboys

— Sam Valley (@SamValley) July 10, 2012

More, please!

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The Remains Of A Weird Creature Washed Up In Mexico, And No One Knows What It Is

What looks like a bizarre-looking monster just washed up on the shores of Acapulco, Mexico, and nobody really knows what to make of it. Is it a fully digested squid? A sentient pile of mucus? A toddler’s finger painting come to life?

Whatever it is, police are having a hard time figuring out what to do with the creepy mass. All they know is that they have to keep beachgoers far, far away from it.

This blob looks like it formed after all of the gunk in every Manhattan sewer fused together to form a creature that longed for its own death. Should we even put it back into the ocean?

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