swipe at Wendy Davis


It may not be nice to kick the Wendy Davis campaign while it’s down, but damn, does it feel good!

Here’s the shot:

From the Washington Examiner:

Wendy Davis, the Democratic nominee for governor of Texas, was supposed to be the candidate of women’s rights, what with her 11-hour filibuster of a bill that would ban abortions beyond 20 weeks (5 months).

But sadly for her, women may not even be responding to her message.

Davis trails her opponent, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, by a whopping 12 points among likely female voters, according to a new NYT/CBS/YouGov poll.

And now for the chaser:

That sound you just heard was the mic dropping.



Twitchy coverage of Wendy Davis

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‘Screw you’: Americans hijack #AMessageFromISIStoUS


ISIS supporters are using the Twitter hashtag #AMessageFromISIStoUS to post some very graphic images and violent threats, but many Americans are doing their best to hijack the hashtag and send their own snarky message back to ISIS.

I think its a good time to take over a hash tag…..


Reverse Jihad!— FloridaJayhawk (@HouseCracka) August 08, 2014


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This Student Once Ate An Entire Wheel Of Cheese In Her Sleep

Sleepwalking is one thing. But sleepEATING is something else entirely.

1. This is Kate Archibald, a 20-year-old student at the University of Aberdeen, who eats in her sleep. So much so that she once ate an entire wheel of cheese.

Stuart Maxwell / HEMEDIA

The third-year philosophy student told The Tab she walks over to the fridge and, while still asleep, eats its contents.

“It was only when I woke up one morning surrounded by chocolate bar wrappers that I realised I must have been sleep-eating,” she says.

“One of my friends gave me a whole wheel of cheese and I managed to eat it during my sleep.”

She said she started eating the odd thing in her sleep while at boarding school, but this has escalated into what she terms “nocturnal eating disorder” (NED).

She said she used to take Adderall, a drug proscribed for ADHD, to combat her appetite.

2. Archibald said she noticed she’d started to put on some weight as a result.

Stuart Maxwell / HEMEDIA

“I’ve also being going to the gym a lot more. Before we googled NED, my mum criticised me saying that the gym wasn’t helping and I still looked the same — I had no idea what was happening!” she said.

She’s eaten through spaghetti bolognaise, toast, a big bar of chocolate bought by a flatmate’s boyfriend as a gift and says she regularly has to replace her flatmates’ food.

4. Archibald also said she’s done this trick at other people’s houses:

Stuart Maxwell / HEMEDIA

She rummaged around in a friend’s fridge while staying over and helped herself to his lunch:

I tried to play it off that it wasn’t me, but he realised that it probably was me because the food had been moved around in the fridge

His lovely meal had been moved from the back of the fridge to the front and half of it was missing.

Nocturnal eating disorder, or sleep-related eating disorder, has been described as where “nocturnal partial arousals are followed by rapid ingestion of food and subsequent poor memory for the episode.”

More common is “night eating disorder” where the eater is fully awake but binge-eats at night. A study of 1,600 US university students published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, found that “close to 4% of students met night eating syndrome criteria”.

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6 Years Ago, He Was Paralyzed. Now? He Can Play Guitar…This Is Amazing!

Ian Burkhart was just a teenager when he lost all movement in his hands and legs.

He dove into a wave in shallow water, and what was just supposed to be a fun outing with friends turned into a disaster. Damaging his spinal cord, he was paralyzed from the chest down with limited control over his arms. Burkhart, now 24, thought that he’d never be able to move his fingers again. He was, by most accounts, a quadriplegic.

But that all changed recently…

Scientists developed a chip that was inserted into his brain, allowing him to move his right hand.

“The first time moving my hand — that was really just like that flicker of hope,” Burkhart commented.

The implant traces signals in the brain that are then sent to a computer to be decoded. Once the signals are decoded, the computer stimulates the correct muscles through a sleeve on the arm, thus allowing movement.

All of this happens in less than a tenth of a second.

The Ohio State University researchers believe this is a huge medical breakthrough and the most significant of its kind since 2012, when a woman was able to control a robotic arm with her thoughts. Now people are able to control their own limbs!

Here’s more information on how the ground-breaking system works.

(via BBC)

Needless to say, Burkhart is excited about being able to move his hand with this technology. Scientists are overjoyed as well — this step forward could lead to something even bigger. If they keep developing this technology, we could potentially rid society of paralysis!

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‘Die f*cking bitch’: Sickos wish death on ailing Barbara Bush


How do some sickos celebrate the new year? By resolving to be even more cretinous, evidently.


As Twitchy reported, former first lady Barbara Bush has been hospitalized in Houston, Texas. The sane offered prayers and hope for a speedy recovery. The depraved? They crawled out of the gutter sludge to spew vile wishes for her death.


New year, same sickening depravity from hate-filled cretins.


Let’s hope that you seek help.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Barbara Bush.


Former first lady Barbara Bush hospitalized in Houston

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