False alarm: No, there isn’t a noose at LSU [photos]

There was a minor boomlet a few minutes ago after a Twitter user posted a photo that went viral of what she reported was a noose on the campus of Louisiana State University. The “noose,” however, was really a “lightning cable” that broke loose after a tree limb fell on it.

Here’s the tweet, now deleted, that started all the fuss:

Here’s a screenshot of what was thought to be a noose:

As you can see, that’s a really long cable. Why would someone climb all the way up the tree to place a “noose” that high in the first place?

LSU’s official account even tweeted back to Perkins that they were on the way to investigate:

And found it was a “lightning cable”:

Flashback. There was a similar incident at the University of Delaware a few weeks back that turned out to be a false alarm, too:

Nooses spotted at Univ. of Del. after Katie Pavlichs speech disrupted by #BlackLivesMatter protest [photos]; Update: Not a hate crime. Hooks were for paper lanterns

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It might be a bit early to break out these Clinton/Christie 2016 napkins


Politically overeager might be a good way to put it. Either selection might go well with your Demand Action gun control placemats, though.


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Elderly Woman Is Removed From Her Caretaker’s Home. Then She Dies Of Bed Bug Bites

When you were a kid, your parents might’ve tucked you into bed and uttered the common phrase, “sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

This age-old line is usually nothing more than an alternative way to tell someone to have a good night’s sleep, but for one elderly woman in Hanover, Pennsylvania, it became a horrifying reality that led to her death.

96-year-old Mary Stoner was living with her personal caregiver Deborah Butler until her family started to see a severe decline in the aging woman’s health and had her removed from Butler’s home.

Just two days later, Stone was taken to the hospital with severe sores and an infection believed to have been caused by bed bugs.

Sadly, Stoner soon died. An autopsy revealed that her cause of death was complications of sepsis following bed bug bites.

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