‘OH, NO HE DIDN’T!’ Obama says Gitmo release ‘something I would do again’


During an interview with NBC News, President Obama sent a strong message to extremists who might be tempted to take U.S. soldiers captive: Doing so might result in making him release more of their leaders from Gitmo:


Is that something that should really be telegraphed to enemies of the United States?






Is this a matter of Obama unilaterally closing Gitmo, five prisoner releases at a time?




‘Oh damn’: MAD Magazine’s ‘brutal’ Photoshop nails Obama WH on Bergdahl

Carney defends Obama on shady Bergdahl prisoner swap: ‘It was the right thing to do’

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Elderly Man Stands Out By The Road Every Day Selling Wood For A Heartbreaking Reason

After a long battle with illness, medical bills can be absolutely overwhelming.

When Jessica Pittman drove by an older couple selling wood by the side of the road one day, she stopped to talk to them what they were doing and learned that Helen and Kenneth Smith were just trying to pay for Helen’s medical bills. Her battle with lung cancer had been expensive and they were not rich people.

A year later, Pittman drove by the same spot and saw the same sight, except this time it was just Kenneth. Helen had passed away.

Still saddled with the costs of her treatment, Kenneth was trying to pay off the hospital charges $5 at a time with bags of kindling.

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Pittman was so touched that she took to Facebook to tell everyone to buy kindling from the grieving man.

She wrote, “My heart breaks every time I pass him. He waves at every single car that passes…Precious man. I can’t buy it all! Anyway, we can all spare $5 to help this sweet man.”

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‘Small town America is the soul of our country': Palin shreds elitist lapdog


Seattle Weekly’s Ellis Conklin wrote a sneering preview of Sarah Palin’s upcoming commencement address at Republic High School in Washington state.


Conklin didn’t just belittle the former Alaska governor and what he called her “boundless anti-intellectualism”; He scoffed at the graduating class for lobbying to bring “the poor darling” to graduation.



Conklin also suggests that if Palin still had a “glimmer” of star power, she wouldn’t have to sully herself by speaking at a small school in a tiny town. Palin took to Facebook and Twitter to hit back at Conklin’s Better Than You™ contempt for small town America.

Small town America is the soul of our country, despite the opinion of the Seattle Weekly’s Ellis Conklin and the lamestream media. Todd and I are on our way to congratulate the graduating class in Republic, Washington, this Saturday and I’m honored and touched by their ingenuity, tenacity, and invitation to speak to these young Americans about to begin their futures.

Small town America is our heart; it may not be the Ivy Leagues or what Ellis and the media deem acceptable, but these students and this town represent what is good and right about America and the small towns where most of us grew our own roots and values.

Too often the media forgets its own humble roots and plays the elitist card. Not so this weekend. We are going to congratulate the Tigers of 2013 and have something special for each and every one. They will grow to defend our country, manage our economy, build our families, and work to achieve each of their own personal dreams.

Sorry, Seattle Weekly, you, as usual, miss the point.

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