This Amazing Music Video Will Make You A Little Bit Nicer Today

A brief reminder: “Don’t take your life for granted.”

1. This is Greg Holden, a Scottish-English singer/songwriter who makes soaring, purpose-filled songs that carry real emotional weight.

Reid Rolls / Warner Bros. Records

His first big breakthrough was in 2012, when he co-wrote American Idol-winner Phillip Phillips’ five-times platinum debut single “Home.”

2. Holden’s latest single “Hold On Tight” is all about appreciating the beautiful gifts of life while you still can. The anthemic chorus is simple, but jarringly direct: “Don’t take your life for granted.”

Holden wrote the song after a low point in his career, when he went broke while attempting to tour in support of his self-released 2011 album I Don’t Believe You. “I realized I wasn’t really enjoying what I was doing,” he tells BuzzFeed Music. “I was expecting too much and not appreciating anything.”

After “Home,” brought him some success, Holden went on a trip to India and Nepal that changed his perspective on things and inspired him to be more positive in his music. “I was able to see how lucky I was, and that we all are, really,” he says. “The sentiment behind that song is appreciating what you have and living more in the moment.”

3. For the “Hold On Tight” video, Holden teamed up with Jon Jon Augustavo, the director of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop,” to make something that would elevate the inspirational lyrics of the song.


4. The narrative video tracks five people who benefit from a random act of kindness — everything from getting a lift after their car breaks down to receiveng the heimlich maneuver — and then choose to pay it forward.





5. In the end, the chain of kindness comes full circle in a way that’s heartfelt and moving without feeling saccharine.




“We wanted to find a way to convey a positive message without being cheesy,” says Holden. “With a theme like this, you can definitely get into Hallmark territory, but we did our best to create scenarios that felt a bit more organic and natural.”

6. The video’s release date, Feb. 17, coincides with Random Acts of Kindness Day 2015, or “RAK15,” “a global movement using social media and real world engagement to change the world one random act of kindness at a time.”

“We wanted to encourage other people to pay it forward and hopefully create a domino effect,” says holden. Similar to the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” RAK15 asks people to challenge their friends to perform one random act of kindness within 24 hours.

7. Watch the “Hold On Tight” video below (you might need some tissues) and check out Holden’s suggestions on how to perform your own random act of kindness here.

Holden’s debut album Chase The Sun is out April 14 and available for pre-order now.

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Heh: NPR reporter hopes Texas lawmakers will bow to Matt Damon’s influence!/jstrevino/status/281039928937304064

In a perfect world, we could assume such a thing. Alas, unlike NPR StateImpact reporter Dave Fehling, we live in reality.

Will #txleg beef up regs on oil&gas drilling? More public pressure because of #fracking and now a #mattdamon movie.…

— Dave Fehling (@DaveFehling) December 18, 2012

A Matt Damon movie! The Texas legislature will be like putty in the anti-fracking celeb’s hands!

More from Fehling’s article on how Matt Damon’s “Promised Land” might force lawmakers’ hands:

Chances may be better this time around that the Texas legislature might actually strengthen regulation of oil and gas drilling by the Texas Railroad Commission.

Part of the reason is oil and gas drilling is getting far more public scrutiny. There’s even a Matt Damon movie now bringing attention to the hydraulic fracturing technique that’s behind a massive surge in oil and gas drilling.

Yes. How could the Texas legislature resist the intoxicating influence of swoon-worthy Matt Damon?

Hahahahaha!!!! RT @jstrevino: I assume anyone asking whether Matt Damon will influence the Texas Legislature is joking.!/DaveFehling…

— Michele Frost (@michelelfrost) December 18, 2012

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Here Are 21 Food Hacks That’ll Make You Run For The Kitchen. #8 Changes EVERYTHING… OMG.

Being an adult and preparing food for yourself can be a boring, tiresome business. Fear no more. We have some tips to help you out. We found 21 awesome food hacks that’ll make eating so much better, you won’t know how you even lived before. Preparing for cookouts and parties is easy when you know these ridiculously simple tips. Summer 2014, we’re ready for you.

1.) Make easy cheesy bread with an already-baked loaf.

2.) Breakfast just got interesting.

3.) Use a peeler to create pretty lemon flowers.

4.) Melted banana split? Yes please.

5.) Use an apple corer on potatoes for quick wedges.

6.) No more sticky popsicle hands.

7.) Making ice cream sandwiches is easy, if you have a hot, sharp knife.

8.) Put the egg in the burger. You’ll thank us later.

9.) Taco holders!

10.) Swirly cake is actually easier than it looks.

11.) Bacon. Pancakes.

12.) Use a clothespin to make chopsticks foolproof.

13.) Cheap hangers… or chip clips?

14.) Bye-bye, strawberry stems.

15.) Bees think they own your drinks. Use muffin/cupcake liners to stop them.

16.) Carefully use a balloon and melted chocolate for a fancy, edible bowl.

17.) Electric carving knife + bundt cake pan = easy corn on the cob obliteration.

18.) There’s a new way to peel oranges.

19.) Wet your fingers. Get the shell out.

20.) AKA, heaven on earth.

21.) Snacking just got awesome…ly unhealthy.

(H/T Pemzo) You’re welcome. Eating food will never be the same. Share these awesome tips with others by clicking on the button below. Happy snacking!

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Totally against terrorism and killing of innocent, says Zakir Naik – Times of India

Facing heat over the "hate speech" that reportedly inspired one of the terrorists involved in the Dhaka attack, Islamic preacher Zakir Naik on Thursday said his statement "urging all Muslims to become terrorists" has been taken out of context.

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