Roseanne Barr: Poor Republicans are like the Jewish police!/TheRealRoseanne/status/235346912948133888

@JordanBirnbaum yes-

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) August 14, 2012

Per Wikipedia, Jewish police were “the auxiliary police units organized in the Jewish ghettos of Europe by local Judenrat councils under orders of occupying German Nazis … They were used by the Germans primarily for securing the deportation of other Jews to the concentration camps.”

If you are a low-income Republican, Roseanne Barr considers you the moral equivalent of a Jew who oversaw the deportation of other Jews to gas chambers.

If you are a well-to-do Republican, she presumably considers you the moral equivalent of Nazis. (Barr does not say this, but it’s clearly implied.)

The comparisons are absurd and outrageous — par for the course for Roseanne Barr.

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Meet The First Woman With Down Syndrome To Walk At Fashion Week

Jamie Brewer, American Horror Story actress and advocate, just made runway history.

1. Actress and advocate Jamie Brewer just made history by becoming the first woman with Down syndrome to walk the red carpet at New York Fashion Week.

Marc Hall for Carrie Hammer

2. Brewer, who stars on FX’s American Horror Story, strutted down the runway on Thursday in a chic AHS-inspired black dress by designer Carrie Hammer.

3. Since her first runway show in 2014, Hammer has been known for her “Role Models Not Runway Models” campaign.

Craig Barritt / Getty Images

Craig Barritt / Getty Images


To “empower working women everywhere,” Hammer selects women of diverse backgrounds and sizes to walk in her shows. Before Brewer, Hammer’s shows have had several firsts: Danielle Sheypuk (above left) was the first women in a wheelchair to appear on the runway, and Karen Crespo was the first quadruple amputee to do the same.

“When I met Carrie we had no idea how big [Role Models Not Runway Models] would get,” Sheypuk told BuzzFeed Life. “We didn’t even know I was the first one to be on the runway in a wheelchair. Since then it’s been a nonstop whirlwind.”

5. Hammer receives many nominations for “real women” to appear in her shows, but this year one stood out.


After seeing news of Hammer’s previous Role Models, Driscoll sent an email to Hammer asking for her to include a role model for her daughter Grace, who has Down syndrome. Driscoll’s foundation, Changing Faces of Beauty, lobbies brands and companies to integrate those with disabilities into their advertising.

“People with disabilities are the largest minority in the world,” Driscoll told BuzzFeed Life. “We have a long way to go, but we are definitely on the right track. We’re so thankful for people like Carrie who believe. For her to give Grace a role model, there’s no words.”

This is what a runway revolution looks like! #rolemodelsnotrunwaymodels

— carriehammer (@CARRIE HAMMER)

7. While she was walking, Brewer told BuzzFeed Life she did some very subtle homages to some other powerful women she gets to work with: Jessica Lange, Sara Paulson, Gabourey Sidibe, and Emma Roberts.

“It’s neat that Carrie is including individuals within the disabled community, it’s incredible,” Brewer told BuzzFeed Life. “She should add more because I know it will be worth it.”

8. Hammer told BuzzFeed News that Brewer was a joy to work with, calling her a “lightning rod of energy.”

“If TV doesn’t work out for Jamie she could definitely be a full-time model,” she said.

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Coast Guard rescues stranded fishermen

Indian Coast Guard Ship (ICGS) Shoor and fishing boat Matsya Dweepa, in a joint operation, rescued five fishermen on Wednesday off Netrani Island near Bhatkal in Uttara Kannada district. A release fr

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Sarah Silverman attributes vulgar tea party smear to Maya Angelou!/SarahKSilverman/status/202920601994805249

We’re pretty sure Maya Angelou didn’t say that.

By the way, the head of the Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps, was an active Democrat in the 1990s and supported Al Gore for President in 1988.

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35 Reasons You Should Never Visit London

Go to London, I guarantee you’ll either be mugged or not appreciated.

1. For some reason London is one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet.

Hampstead Heath, London

2. This can only mean one thing: people are stupid. I mean, look at it. What a dump.

Millennium Bridge, London

3. For starters the Thames is disgusting.

Dartford Crossing, London

4. There’s no wildlife to be seen except squirrels and foxes.

Richmond Park, London

5. Autumn in London pretty much sucks.

Putney, London

6. It almost never snows in winter, and when it does it’s just grey slushy stuff.

Battersea Park, London

7. Spring is a massive let down.

St James’s Park, London

8. And summer? Well, you get the idea.

Primrose Hill, London

9. The main problem with London is that it’s just so grey.

Kew Gardens, London

10. All the time. Grey, grey and more grey.

Chris Jl / Via Flickr: chrisjl

Brick Lane, London

11. And this incessant greyness just brings everyone down.

Valters Krontals / Via Flickr: themoonkeeper

Notting Hill Carnival, London

12. Because nothing looks good in grey.

Hampstead Heath, London

13. All the new buildings in the city have totally ruined the skyline.

The Square Mile, London

14. And the older buildings aren’t much better.

Royal Albert Hall, London

15. Come on, Natural History Museum. You’re not even trying!

Natural History Museum, London

16. As we all know, Londoners hate everyone.

Broadwick Street, London

17. But can you really blame them when it looks like this?

St James’s Park, London

18. What a load of shit.

The Serpentine, London

19. Of course the pubs in London are overcrowded and have zero character.

Notting Hill, London

20. Borough Market is just a tourist trap that does, at best, average food.

Borough Market, London

21. And who wants a market dedicated solely to flowers?! Fuckwits. That’s who.

Columbia Road Flower Market, London

22. In London it’s impossible to find any peace and quiet.

Hyde Park, London

23. And if your desires are… unconventional, there’s nothing here for you.

Soho, London

24. Tube stations are utterly characterless.

Marble Arch Underground Station, London

25. Don’t even get me started on the train stations.

St Pancras International, London

26. Oh, you like the Southbank? Aren’t you original.

The Southbank, London

27. The Olympics was a total waste of money. Legacy, my arse!

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London

28. And while we’re on the subject, no view in the world is worth paying to go up the Shard.

The Shard, London

29. East London is just full of of beards, cereal cafes and restaurants where you can’t book a table.

Victoria Park, London

30. Not to mention all the graffiti.

Shoreditch, London

31. Greenwich Mean Time? More like a massive WASTE of time amirite?

Greenwich Park, London

32. And the view from the top definitely isn’t worth it.

The Royal Observatory, London

33. Why on earth The Kinks decided to sing about something as boring as a Waterloo sunset I’ve got no idea. Fuck you, Ray Davies.

Waterloo Bridge, London

34. And after ten minutes in the Tower of London you’ll be BEGGING them to behead you.

The Tower of London, London

35. So in summary: London is a pile of wank and you should stay well away.

Battersea Power Station, London


Luke Miller / Via Flickr: millerartwork

The Shard, London

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ESPN Analyst Accidentally Tweets PornHub Link

It happens to the best of us, bro.

1. On Wednesday, ESPN National Recruiting Analyst Gerry Hamilton allegedly tweeted, then quickly deleted, a link to a PornHub video.

2. Fortunately, a Reddit user was able to take a screenshot before it was removed.

3. What Hamilton MEANT to tweet was a link about one of the top football prospects in Georgia, and despite numerous mentions on Twitter about the incident, Hamilton has remained silent.

4. It’s OK, Gerry. We all make mistakes.

NBCUniversal Television Distribution / Via

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