‘Better buy a cage’! Alleged deserter Bowe Bergdahl reportedly gets to go off base


Welp, suppose it’s kind of fitting that an alleged deserter gets to wander off … for dessert:


From CNN:

Members of his reintegration team escort him whenever he leaves base and interacts with the public, the Army spokeswoman said. His stops have included a library, a supermarket and several stores of his choosing.

Bergdahl has also eaten at fast-food and sit-down restaurants. The Army sergeant is encouraged to pick the places, but because he’s not from San Antonio, he is offered some advice.

Gee, that’s nice. You know, guided reintegration actually sounds like a pretty sweet deal, especially when you consider what Bergdahl may be guilty of.


It’s convenient, too. Really puts his talents to use.




Twitchy coverage of Bowe Bergdahl

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‘Hope cancer kills you soon’: Tolerant Left reaches out to Julie Boonstra


Michigan mom and leukemia patient Julie Boonstra already had her run-in with the tolerant Left. Boonstra, who filmed an ad about her struggles with Obamacare for Americans for Prosperity, was targeted by Michigan Rep. Gary Peters, who threatened to sue her into silence.

That wasn’t the end of the attacks, however. Slade O’Brien, southern regional director for AFP, shared this letter sent anonymously to Boostra.


Is it a fake?



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This Monster Of The Deep Was Just Caught Off The Coast Of Japan

If you ever find yourself stranded in the middle of the ocean, there are plenty of deadly creatures that you should be afraid of…namely sharks.

While some species may leave you alone, there are plenty of rare shark varieties that will not hesitate to kill and eat you because human flesh is delicious.

One of those species is the elusive megamouth shark. Lucky for us, one was caught off the coast of Japan earlier this month!

Megamouth sharks have only been known to science since the mid-1970s when one became entangled in the anchor of a navy warship near Hawaii. Since then, researchers report that there have only been 60 confirmed sightings.

The most recent sighting came when one was captured by a group of Japanese fishermen earlier this month. The men, who were casting their nets at Mie Prefecture, a few miles away from the Owase Port, managed to reel in the massive 16-foot, one-ton shark.

The megamouth shark gets its name from its giant mouth, which can open up to four feet wide. Typically, they hunt by cruising the depths of the ocean with their mouths open, filtering plankton, jellyfish, and other sea creatures from the water.

Getty Images

Male megamouths can grow up to 13 feet in length while females can get up to 16 feet and weigh more than 2,600 pounds. They’re most often found in the waters near Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

So what happened to this megamouth? According to Japanese news outlets, this catch was sold to a fish merchant.

(via Mysterious Universe)

As if I needed another reason to avoid the ocean forever and ever. I do wonder what megamouth shark tastes like, though…

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I Had No Idea This Winter Phenomenon Even Happened. And Now I Can’t Stop Looking At It… Wow.

If you were walking through a field during the winter and happened upon a beautiful clearing, full of dazzlingly white blooms, you would probably think they were late-blooming flowers. Upon closer inspection, though, you’ll realize that maybe they aren’t flowers at all…

Although this field seems to be filled with beautiful white blossoms, it’s not.

These “flowers” are a strange phenomenon known as frost flowers.

The phenomenon occurs when plant stems and roots are not quite frozen and full of moisture. As that moisture is transmitted up to the higher part of the stem, it freezes, creating layers of ice.

Those ice layers form into delicate flower “petals.”

And they are absolutely gorgeous.

Frost flowers normally occur in the late fall or early winter, when plants are just alive and still have moisture in them. They are rare and the conditions have to be just right to create them. to see  As you can see, thanks to the beautiful shots of the ice flowers in Findland, it’s one natural winter phenomenon you’d be lucky to catch.

Source: reddit.com

Please share this beautiful rarity with others.

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Child Labour Bill shows govt’s ‘insensitive approach towards children’, violates Right to Education: Activists – Times of India

The Right to Education Forum has described the move to allow child labour below the age of 14 in “family enterprises”, as “regressive.”

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Who Needs Photoshop When These 23 Unbelievable Pictures Are Completely REAL? Whoa.

You’ll think you’re bring tricked, but these photos aren’t manipulated or faked… they are 100% real. Each of these jaw-dropping scenes were captured just as they exist. A mixture of perfect timing, optical illusions and just flat-out insane nature led to this gallery being created. All I can say is: woah.

1. This isn’t a teenager miraculously walking on water: actually, this is just a perfectly timed photo.

2. This isn’t a modern miracle of a man biking on water, either: actually, it’s just another person practicing the art of perfectly timed photos.

3. This isn’t a picture of a fox that got stretched out: actually, it’s a Maned Wolf and it seriously looks like that.

4. This isn’t a bad cut-and-paste job: actually, it’s a German magician who pulls public stunts like this.

5. This isn’t someone’s first attempt at using the Warp tool in Photoshop: actually, it’s a set of railroad tracks that were twisted after an earthquake in New Zealand.

6. This isn’t a super realistic, beautiful android: actually, it’s a real woman named the Human Barbie who had surgery to look this way.

7. This isn’t a joke photo of an airplane taking the highway: actually, it’s a photo of a plane landing at Liepzig airport as it crosses over the Autobahn.

8. This isn’t a man finding an interesting way to die: actually, it’s a stunt on a boat that’s meant to be on its side like that.

9. This isn’t someone’s lame attempt at faking a haunting: actually, when this lava emptied into the ocean it just happened to pop and steam in a spooky formation.

10. This isn’t a family photo of giants: actually, they were sitting on top of a mountain that blended in perfectly with the rock below.

11. This isn’t what an artist painted while on acid: actually, it’s an abstract tarp that was put on a building while it was under construction.

12. This picture of a forest wasn’t distorted: actually, there is a section of trees in Poland that grew like this because of extreme weather conditions.

13. This isn’t a picture of Cthulu awakening: actually, it’s just a massive wave at high tide with lots and lots of seaweed in it.

14. This isn’t a really bad Photoshop of a giant piece of pizza sitting on the Earth: actually, someone sent pizza into space. Seriously.

15. This isn’t an image of two cats squished together: actually, it’s Venus, a cat with rare chimera coloring. She is awesome.

17. No, the sky isn’t falling: actually, this is an art installation by Neil Dawson in New Zealand.

18. This isn’t a picture of a black hole: actually, it’s construction art that was created on a house that was scheduled to be knocked down.

19. This isn’t a giant Minecraft map: actually, it’s a section of cross waves, where waves of different directions meet each other.

20. This gymnast didn’t lose her head in a freak accident: actually, in mid-jump a picture was taken and her head was bent backwards.

21. This isn’t some weird photo editing of a billboard: actually, it exists just as you see it. Clever marketing win.

22. This isn’t what an artist thinks heaven looks like: actually, it’s a giant salt flat in Bolivia. The surface reflects and looks like a giant mirror.

23. This isn’t someone having fun with painting on existing photos: actually, it’s optical illusion art by Felice Varini.

24. This isn’t a Photoshopped version of a Mobius strip: actually, it’s a picture of normal Legos taken with a telecentric lens.

Sure, Photoshop is awesome, but it turns out that real life is even better.

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