Hero Boyfriend is Slain… and Family Forgives Killer

Many people think they know what sacrifice and forgiveness look like… but they can’t put it into action. This man died protecting his girlfriend from a crazed attacker. And his family? They have openly forgiven the attacker.

Most saints couldn’t even be this kind-hearted.

Hero professor, Troy Wolff, was fatally stabbed when he was protecting his girlfriend from an armed madman.

They were leaving a soccer game when Kristin, Troy’s girlfriend, was attacked by a crazed stranger. She was stabbed and he heroically stepped in to save her.

Before he could ward off the attacker, Troy was fatally stabbed.

The attacker was arrested only minutes after the incident, with the knife still in hand. Kristin survived the encounter.

Troy’s colleagues and family were shocked by his death.

But, as shocked as they were, they forgave the killer. “I don’t have any ill feelings or hatred towards the killer,” brother Tony Wolff said. “I’ve forgiven him.”

Kristin stabilized from the attack and will heal eventually

Although, the emotional wounds the killer inflected by stealing her beloved may last a lifetime.


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Eighth graders to argue whether Holocaust ‘was an actual event in history’


According to KTLA in Los Angeles, eighth graders in the Rialto school district were assigned to write an essay about the Holocaust describing “whether or not you believe this was an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth.”


KTLA further reports:

In a statement released Monday, a spokeswoman for the Rialto Unified School District said an academic team was meeting to revise the assignment.

Interim Superintendent Mohammad Z. Islam was set to talk with administrators to “assure that any references to the holocaust ‘not occurring’ will be stricken on any current or future Argumentative Research assignments,” a statement from district spokeswoman Syeda Jafri read.

“The holocaust should be taught in classrooms with sensitivity and profound consideration to the victims who endured the atrocities committed,” Jafri said.





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