House to take up ‘online freedom’ bill

A House subcommittee will vote Tuesday on a bill that is aimed at preventing U.S. companies from assisting foreign regimes in removing internet freedom.

From The Hill:

Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) has been pushing the Global Online Freedom Act for several years, but the issue has gained more attention after countries including Egypt and Syria began shutting down Internet access and blocking websites to quell popular uprising.

Pakistan sparked an international outcry earlier this year when it began publicly soliciting proposals for technologies that would allow it to block its citizens from accessing objectionable Internet content.

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Twitter reacts to The Walking Dead – Live

For tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead on AMC we here at Twitchy are going to highlight the best tweets live. Make sure to check back throughout tonight’s show to see what Twitter is saying. Now, let the braaaaaaains begin!

People are already excited!!/hishannonmarie/status/179008514503606272

It's that time! #TheWalkingDead

— Lyndsey Andler (@lyndzrenee) March 12, 2012

Zombie attack right off the bat…

#TheWalkingDead had a nice bloody start #sweet

— Patrick Daughdrill (@Patmfnblack) March 12, 2012

First two minutes were better than the entire last episode #TheWalkingDead

— Jonathan Rankin (@JonathanRankin1) March 12, 2012

No twitter love for little Carl.

Yeah, it's your fault Carl! Oh and take off that stupid hat. #TheWalkingDead

— – Aaron – (@AboveAverageA) March 12, 2012

Yeah Carl it is your fault that Dale died, you little brat. #TheWalkingDead

— Destiney Duncan (@Destiney35) March 12, 2012

you're right carl….it is your fault dale is dead #thewalkingdead

— ♆ TΔYΔ (@TheLostKiid) March 12, 2012

He should feel bad. It is his fault. Carl, it is your fault. #TheWalkingDead

— Glock Lesnar (@ImmortalDGlass) March 12, 2012

Lori finally clears the air with Shane. No love for her either.

Lori doesn't know when she is inappropriate and making things worse. #TheWalkingDead

— Eugene + Xavier (@popNflav) March 12, 2012

If a zombie killed Lori that would be wonderful! #thewalkingdead

— Caterina Passarelli (@caterina88) March 12, 2012

"I don't even know who's baby this is" classy Lori is always so damn classy #TheWalkingDead

— Imogen (@imogenrose20) March 12, 2012

Mixed reaction to Glenn crying over Dale.

Seeing Glenn tear up just cued in the waterworks for me :"( lol #TheWalkingDead

— eddievalen (@eddievalen) March 12, 2012

Seriously! Crying over Dale. Can we get to the good stuff?! #thewalkingdead

— Dakool1 (@Dakool1) March 12, 2012

Cheezy much #TheWalkingDead

— Danielle (@DBookWhore) March 12, 2012

#TheWalkingDead just made me cry 😮

— Lisa Marie Payne (@LisaMariePayne7) March 12, 2012

A common Walking Dead complaint is common on twitter again tonight.

#TheWalkingDead i gotta be frank kinda slow episode. Need…more…zombies…

— Mike uguessedit (@mjaime619) March 12, 2012

Woa! Shane kills again.

Shane is officially scarier than the zombies. #TheWalkingDead

— Nori (@catphrodite) March 12, 2012!/TriggerTreats/status/179017631330873345!/MrsDre_B/status/179017787971350529!/Shanny99/status/179018100895789056

A zombie without bites? Glenn is confused and so is Twitter.

Whaaaaaat?!?! #TheWalkingDead

— Dirty Dre (@AndreGuindi) March 12, 2012!/TriniPhoenix124/status/179020658980818944

zombies without bites #thewalkingdead is getting serious

— Stregasaur (@stregasaur) March 12, 2012!/MichelleCarey/status/179021524391567360

Rick vs Shane. Twitter is taking sides.

SHOWDOWN!! #TheWalkingDead

— Alexis (@alexis_reilly) March 12, 2012

SHOOT SHANE! #TheWalkingDead

— Elizabeth Ford (@elizzyford) March 12, 2012!/AlmostKennyG/status/179022808100257792



— Lorenzo King (@lorenzoking3714) March 12, 2012

OMG #TheWalkingDead

— Asad Khan (@asadk21) March 12, 2012

Carl killed zombie Shane! Twitter is going crazy!!/kyerabee/status/179023522365059073

Well I'm speechless…#thewalkingdead

— Tommy J Lansaw (@TweetwithTommyJ) March 12, 2012!/MadelineHRoss/status/179022947384696832

OMG! #TheWalkingDead OMG! You blew me away tonight.

— SexySheep (@Sexy_Sheep) March 12, 2012

Here’s the twitter takeaway for tonight’s episode from @AshRagutero.

RIP Shane. I dunno if I should be happy or sad? Intense scene & amazing episode though. #thewalkingdead

— Ashleigh Ragutero (@AshRagutero) March 12, 2012

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Bride Gets Back At Abusive Parents With An Awesomely Snarky Wedding Invite

Burn! Update: The author told BuzzFeed News what pushed her to write the invitation.

1. So you’re planning your perfect wedding, but your estranged parents are begging for an invite. What do you do?

Alyssa Pearce had just this situation, telling BuzzFeed News she suffered “physical, emotional, and sexual abuse at the hands of two people who were supposed to love and cherish me,” and was then being “bullied” to invite them to her upcoming wedding.

The 23-year-old wrote about the situation in a Reddit post from five months ago that went viral this week.

3. And so she gave them what they wanted: an invite.

An invite to suck it, that is.

5. Pearce, who is getting a Ph.D. in applied linguistics, was inspired to write the invitation after a family member harassed her to invite her parents, and she said she “snapped.”

“So I went home and wrote my parents the de-invitation. I opened up a Word document, found the nicest calligraphy font I could, loaded up the printer with some of the lovely parchment paper left over from the other invitations, and wrote,” she said. “I then found a nice matching envelope, addressed it with a fancy gold pen, and posted it. I mean, if you’re going to send someone a memorable ‘stuff you,’ you’ve really got to put in some effort. You may as well go all-out.”

7. In an update on Reddit she added, “The aisle is only wide enough for one awesome person, so I’ll be walking myself down.”

H/T: HelloU

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10 Ways To Train For “The Amazing Race” (In Case You’re Ever On It)

As told by Jonathan Knight from New Kids On The Block and his boyfriend Harley Rodriguez. The pair will compete in the upcoming season.

BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

You may recognize Jonathan Knight from his time plastered on your bedroom wall… more specifically you know him as a member of the boy band sensation New Kids On The Block. Knight will appear on the upcoming season of The Amazing Race on CBS, competing alongside his boyfriend Harley Rodriguez. If there is one way to test your relationship, it’s probably traveling around the world together.

The pair stopped by BuzzFeed Headquarters to share some insider globetrotting training tips they learned while racing around the world, you know, just in case you ever get to compete.

Get on board with airplane food… you don’t have much of a choice.

BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

Planes, trains, and automobiles: There’s no room for picky eaters on the race!

Learn to read things twice, every time. (Go back and read this sentence again.)

BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

Reading a clue incorrectly can be the difference between first… and last.

Pack your bags extra heavy and go for a brisk jog!

BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

The packs are no joke, you’ll need to build up your endurance.

Embrace the fanny pack. Be the fanny pack. Love the fanny pack.

BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

Fashion isn’t your first priority here.

Take a few dance lessons!

BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

You never know what challenges the Roadblocks will hold, so it’s best to be in sync at all times.

Eat some expired food from the back of your fridge… and don’t puke.

BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

May your stomach be iron clad and your taste buds indifferent.

Learn to drive stick, it’s sort of mandatory.

BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

They just don’t build cars like they used to….

Become the master of bag packing.

BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

Knight: You know who you are.

Learn to identify taxi drivers that are actually going to get you to your destination.

BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

If they get lost — all is lost.

Don’t forget the little things (like your passport), they are most often the most important.

BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

Jonathan and Harley: You’ve already won the race in our hearts.

BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

Cheer them on tonight during the season premiere of The Amazing Race (9:30 p.m. ET), on CBS.

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Chuck Todd: Auto bailout result as good as we could have hoped

“Government Motors” is no more, now that the U.S. Treasury Department has sold off its remaining stake in General Motors. Taxpayers lost around $10.5 billion on the deal, which MSNBC’s Chuck Todd apparently thinks is just about as good as it gets.

Wow, those hopes weren’t very high, were they?!/henrykelley/status/410179741677662209!/Garrett_R_Hall/status/410182436329246720

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