Good boy! Biden tweets pic of fist bumping Obama; Caption hilarity results

Oh, our sides!

Vice President Biden tweeted out this fist bump photo.

Four more years:

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) August 23, 2012

Look how excited he is! The president is actually paying attention to him. Maybe the president will ruffle his hair and he’ll get a cookie, too!

What is going through their alleged minds? Our administration is an abysmal failure! People can’t find work! Fist bump!

If only they had thrown some Jersey-style fist pumps in, too, while they were at it. Twitter users decide to more accurately describe the picture.

@CuffyMeh someone photoshop chains around them please.

— … .. . .. … .. . (@Rowdyyates1) August 23, 2012

Stockpiling canned goods….. RT @CuffyMeh: Our Special Veep. RT @JoeBiden: Four more years:

— Nancy (@Of_Angelis) August 23, 2012

What's that gelfling doing behind them? RT @CuffyMeh: Our Special Veep. RT @JoeBiden: Four more years:

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) August 23, 2012

Wow that looks awkward. "@JoeBiden: Four more years:"

— Stax (@StaxLastTweet) August 23, 2012

@JoeBiden Does Jarret follow @BarackObama around to fulfill his god complex every day?

— BluAllOver (@BluAllOver) August 23, 2012

Do you reckon Joe Biden actually knows what's going on in this pic? "@JoeBiden: Four more years:

— Mark Harrison (@MarkHarrison23) August 23, 2012

With chains and a slight Indian accent RT @JoeBiden: Four more years:

— Hair (@SHannitysHair) August 23, 2012

@JoeBiden Caption: Three of the Most Dangerous People TO America

— Boca Legend (@Bocalegend) August 23, 2012

#LOL RT @JoeBiden: Four more years:

— Liz Thatcher (@lizthatch) August 23, 2012

Wonder Twin powers activate! Form of, Hillary Clinton! “@CuffyMeh: Our Special Veep. RT @JoeBiden: Four more years:"

— Carter Benes (@carterbenes) August 23, 2012

"@JoeBiden: Four more years:" Of Biden gaffes. Man I'll miss those.

— CynicOwl (@SthrnFriedYankE) August 23, 2012

Not. Going. To. Happen. RT @arlettesaenz: #fistbump RT @JoeBiden Four more years:

— Kristen Faiola (@KristenHawley) August 23, 2012

Bless their hearts, indeed.

Keep it coming, Twitter. Giggle-snorting is our cardio!

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Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are ready for some ‘football!’ [pic]

There are multiple levels of “football” in this photo of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen:

We’ll have to wait and see if they get any playing time:!/ericwalkuski/status/429276049273151488

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FBI source says Aaron Hernandez possibly involved in multiple murders

As divers searched Pine Lake in Bristol, Conn., for the weapon used to murder Odin Lloyd, an unnamed FBI source was spreading the word that former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez is also being investigated in Florida and might be connected to multiple unsolved murders.!/EricSvenny22/status/361959449990152193!/moez_shahzad/status/361961635063140354

Just how many is “multiple”?


Police search lake for possible murder weapon in Aaron Hernandez case [photos]

‘At least a dozen’ police enter home of Patriots’ Aaron Hernandez

Detectives investigating Aaron Hernandez uncover really big dog house

Police confirm arrest of Patriots’ Aaron Hernandez; Arraignment expected later today [pics]

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Ha! What did William Shatner call this Texas Supreme Court justice?

Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett is evidently a “Star Trek” fan:

And he knows just how to get Captain Kirk’s attention:

That’s a pretty audacious statement. So, how did Shatner respond?!/WilliamShatner/status/503280162482315264


Yeah, that’s undeniably awesome.

We agree!



Texas Supreme Court justice expertly mocks Melissa Harris-Perry’s lame apology hashtag

Texas Supreme Court justice shares ‘top 5 reasons’ judges ‘should legislate from the bench’

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‘Majestic photobomb’: Kellie Pickler snaps photo of the day

Country music star Kellie Pickler is vacationing in Costa Rica and is sharing photos with her Twitter followers. The one above, assuming it’s not Photoshopped, is absolutely amazing.

If she ever tires of singing and dancing, perhaps she should become a full-time photographer.

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