21 Times Microsoft Word Was Obviously Just Trolling You

We’re onto you, Word.

1. When it refuses to make up its damn mind.

Nothing’s ever good enough for you, is it, Word?

2. When its thesaurus feature pulls this shit.

3. When it tries to make you look like a fool.

4. When it keeps shoving your graph into the margins for no apparent reason.

5. When it plays fast and loose with the basic rules of English grammar.

6. When it wants you to fail your essay.

Why do you want us to fail, Word? What did we do to you?

7. When it’s clearly just having a laugh with its suggestions.

Yeah, “many look both of which down upon” is exactly what I meant.

8. When its grammar is far from the “trustworthiest.”

9. No but seriously, when it tries to pull this shit.

Just. Make. The green line. Go away.

10. When it can’t resist a bit of irony.

11. When it wants you to know it’s taking your work very, very seriously.


12. When it lets you know it’s got a foul mouth.

13. When it tries to make you look like a terrible parent.


14. When it wants to let you to know just how much it hates your biochemistry homework.

We GET it, Word.

15. When it suddenly decides it shouldn’t be easy to look up a word.

Why are you making things difficult, Word?

16. When it constantly tries to make you sound dumb.

17. When you just want to get some work done and it goes all existential on you.


18. When it’s clearly drunk and messing with you.

19. When it gets aaaaaall pretentious.

Oh, get you, Word.

20. When it makes its intentions clear.

21. When it knows just how to drive you to madness.

Works every time.

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Newsflash: You’ve Been Cutting Your Food All Wrong. Wise Up.

I know we all hate being wrong, but the sad fact is that most of us are big ol’ dummies when it comes to slicing up our food. Not many people get specific lessons as they grow up when it comes to cooking. Trust me, in this case, ignorance isn’t bliss. If you’ve always felt too timid to take an onion to the cutting board, live in fear no more. In fact, you’ll never have to sacrifice flavor in your dishes by leaving out hard-to-cut items. We’ve got the scoop on how to turn your kitchen hell into home cooked heaven. You’re welcome.

Tomatoes: Stabilize them between two plates and slice right through.

Kiwi: Turns into its own tiny little bowl!

Mango: No more juice running down your arms.

Watermelon: Keep your face clean without sacrificing any yummy melon.

Mandarin Oranges: Make them even EASIER to enjoy.

Pomegranates: Now just as fun as those chocolate orange things you get at Christmas.

Avocado: Just like kiwi, it turns into its own bowl.

Cake: Cut through the middle, no more dried out leftovers the next day.

Carrots: This might actually be magic.

Limes: More juice = more gin and tonics!

Onions: Gets the job done quicker and cuts back on tears.

Banana: Take a tip from our primate friends, pinch the bottom tip and peel.

Artichoke: Use lemon to keep it from discoloring.

Apple: Invest in power tools.

(via Distractify.) Okay, actually that last one is just for the more advanced peelers. Work your way up to that one. Share these tips with your friends using the link below.

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