Arrested builder had cheated more; D.B. Marg police to seek his custody

Orbit Residency Park in Saki Naka is not the only project in which builder Pujit Aggarwal is alleged to have cheated people. The Hindu has learned that he is also facing allegations of cheating from

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Twitter gives the experience of Titanic, in real time!/TitanicRealTime/status/186755920859111424

Twitter is magic! Now you can even experience the historic and tragic Titanic voyage in real time via @TitanicRealTime. This real time Titanic voyage recounting is a project of @TheHistoryPress, marking the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

@TitanicRealTime started on March 10, 2012 with this tweet:

#captain Exactly a month now before Titanic’s journey begins, I cannot wait to see her completed and on the ocean!

— TitanicVoyage (@TitanicRealTime) March 10, 2012

Some recent tweets:

#Southampton Amazing to see Titanic in port. A lot of people have gone down to see her arrival.

— TitanicVoyage (@TitanicRealTime) April 4, 2012

#crew Now we begin the long process of loading provisions – 40 tonnes of potatoes, 75,000lb of meat, endless cutlery and much more.

— TitanicVoyage (@TitanicRealTime) April 5, 2012

#engineering We are confident we have the most comprehensive watertight subdivision ever built.

— TitanicVoyage (@TitanicRealTime) April 5, 2012

All leading up to April 15, 2012, which is the 100th anniversary date of the sinking. Not only is this a really cool way to experience history, it is relevant today. See, one has even tied it into politics:!/jstrevino/status/187888845839282176

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Check under your couch cushions: Newsweek up for sale … again!/Pqlyur1/status/339796409995898880

Newsweek ceased to exist as a print publication in December of last year after being sold in 2010 for a dollar.

Now it’s for sale yet again. Well, the very little that’s left of it:!/JBoorstin/status/339826513195184129



Sellers might find a buyer faster (perhaps a certain MSNBC host who shall remain nameless) if they would include all of the magazine’s old Obama halos in the sale.

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‘F*cking makes me livid’: Comedian Ralphie May rages at ‘unlivable’ minimum wage!/RobertBIrish/status/461656098928599040

The recent deaths of three storm chasers amused Ralphie May, but Congress’ failure to pass a bill raising the minimum wage? That’s the real tragedy. One look at the above graphic was all it took to send May into a rage-fueled rant against greedy “millionaires” who want to keep the working man down:!/Ralphie_May/status/461658136168779776!/Ralphie_May/status/461658561131872256!/Ralphie_May/status/461658703632924672!/Richpo65/status/461661179094761472!/Ralphie_May/status/461662462178508800!/Richpo65/status/461662591648288768!/Ralphie_May/status/461679091654332417!/Ralphie_May/status/461679363490992128

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 7.16.51 AM!/Ralphie_May/status/461849477058269185

May’s full tweet, via TwitLonger:!/Ralphie_May/status/461849784437858304!/Ralphie_May/status/461852712368209920

In May’s eyes, the fight for a higher minimum wage is a righteous one. Kinda like the fight against racism:!/Ralphie_May/status/461855808314040320

And May has not yet begun to fight:!/Ralphie_May/status/461860601858236418

He’s already lost the battle of common sense.



‘Comedian’ Ralphie May on dead Okla. storm chasers: Sometimes God just cleans up the gene pool

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Dennis Miller predicts potential Hillary scapegoat for Benghazi!/im4ue/status/423596613861273600

A bipartisan congressional report about the Benghazi attack found in part that U.S. intelligence agencies and the State Department that was headed at the time by Hillary Clinton were not adequately prepared and the attacks could have been prevented.

Dennis Miller predicted an excuse that might be Hillary’s spin of last resort:!/DennisDMZ/status/423587503283523587

Darn that #Bridgegate!

Miller might have given the New York Times an idea for another Hillary-protecting column, not to mention perked up a few ears at the White House:!/Waltrane/status/423594686729572352

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